Global News 27/07/10

SWEDEN 8 people were charged with trafficking 10 African women, intimidating them into prostitution by using means of vodoo and debt bondage. A 16 year old girl was forced to continue to pay half of her earnings even after her debt was repaid.

GREECE 2 Bulgarian nationals have been arrested and charged with human trafficking along with a Kurdish national during an attempt to smuggle 18 people to Italy.

MEXICO– The bodies of 72 people believed to be migrants from Central and South America were found in a ranch in Northern Mexico. In Mexico, human trafficking is a $15 billion- to $20 billion-a-year business.

FINLAND – Many Thai men pay money to agents, buy their own flight tickets and equipment to pick berries and end up being exploited. Last summer, berry crop wasn’t very fruitful and many returned home owing more money. 

MYANMAR Many female victims became traffickers themselves after being rescued. This is supposedly due to a lack of victim assistance in the country which does not cover living expenses during their transition to a normal life.