Global News Round 13.05.2011

Czech Republic

As immigration policy gets stricter, human trafficking increases in the Czech Republic. The country has a history of being associated with trafficking but its association is changing form. Where it once was a transit point and trafficking to the Czech Republic was mostly for sexual exploitation, the country is now becoming a destination for forced labourers. Along with this change in tide, the official number recorded cases of trafficking have more than doubled since 2009 from 36 to 76. Recording actual cases of trafficking is complicated due to the difficulties in differentiating between trafficking and exploitation. Read more…

North Korea

A US-based human rights organization has accused North Korea of over 180,000 incidents of what could be considered state sponsored human trafficking. The organization claims people have been forcibly taken or lured by jobs adverts from 14 different countries, some possibly to help train North Korean intelligence agents. Read more…


Today’s arrest of a 40 person gang including Family Planning officials supports sociologists’ belief that trafficking in China is extremely high due to the one-child family planning policy. 22 child victims have been recovered so far but it is hard to tell how many more there might be. The officials allegedly abducted the children and sold them in overseas adoptions. Read more…


The Indian police are making great efforts to combat human trafficking. They will establish 330 district-wide anti-human trafficking units over the next three years which brings the total to almost 450. 10,000 police officers will be trained in how to treat victims during rescue and rehabilitation. Read more…

Global contest

I often get e-mails with pictures of artwork and flyers or graphics our awesome activists have created and designed in support of STOP THE TRAFFIK and our work. So, when we decided we need a new image for our weekly Global News Round post, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to highlight your amazing talents!

We want you to create an image or graphic around the themes of human trafficking and global news.

It can be a graphic design, a photo, a scan of a painting, drawing, water-colour, a combination of any or all of those, or anything else you can think of!

Send us your designs before Friday May 27th and an online vote will take place the following week. The winner will be revealed in the first Global News Round of June!