Women of Strength

  “I’m quickly learning that if I thought I knew about human trafficking before, I was in for a rude awakening about the depths and unfathomable truths of this modern day epidemic.” Sometimes it’s not enough to read about these stories on the internet or in the news. Sometimes, as Suzanne discovered, you have to … Continue reading

Women of the world UNITE!


Today is International Woman’s Day! Today is the day we put our feet up and celebrate the very simple fact that we are and (in most cases) always will be women. Wondering what to write, the women in our office tried to think of reasons why it is great to be a woman. Ourlist started … Continue reading

Secret Diary of a STOP THE TRAFFIK worker

Good day to you, dear blog reader.  There are two things to report this week.  1.A few days ago I was offered a place in the British 10km run on Sunday 11th July (T  minus 10 days).  Now, I’ve always thought it’d be nice to do a run but I am not a runner (at all) and the … Continue reading

Kamathipura – the dirt uncovered

Kamathipura in Mumbai, India, is Asia’s largest red-light district. It was set up 200 years ago for British troops who wanted some erotic “comforts” while they were away from home. For centuries people have turned to Kamathipura for a cheap and easy way to fulfil their desires – but do they really know what they … Continue reading

Slumdog Millionaire

This weekend, I went to see Slumdog Millionaire. What a film. I was both impressed and astonished by what I saw, and not only because Slumdog Millionaire is not, repeat not, the ‘feel-good film’ that the posters say it is. Instead of the humorous, cheesy movie I was expecting, with perhaps a good song or … Continue reading

Phil on Delirious and the Birth of STT

One reason why STT has been so successful in doubling its goal of gathering one million signatures is due to the work of Delirious.    Here’s Phil of Oasis, talking Delirious and the birth of STT.  To listen just click here (you’ll need to download free quicktime player though!) 


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