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South East Asia: A series of successful arrests has hopefully brought to an end a human trafficking operation that spanned Thailand and Laos. A police raid on a bar led to the discovery of 12 Laotian girls being held in a Holiday Inn hotel in Muang Lop Buri. This raises the question yet again of … Continue reading

Children found enslaved on Worcester farm

Earlier this week I got home quite late. It was dark; I was feeling rather cold, hungry and was generally struggling to come to terms with the fact that winter seemed to be looming heavily. Anyway, I foraged around the kitchen on the hunt for comfort food and managed to uncover a rather limp cucumber … Continue reading

Breaking News: East London Big Child Trafficking Racquet – 7 arrests

Great news -the Police have broken an East London Romanian-based Trafficking  ring that targeted Roma Children between 3 and 17 years of age and forced them to beg and steal . Lets just hope that the victims now receive the proper care and the ‘victim-centered’ approach that is said to be a policing priority.  The problem … Continue reading

Bitter Sweet update on Chocolate…

Hey Everyone! Here’s an update on what’s currently happening in Europe around the chocolate industry, thanks to Antoinie, STOP THE TRAFFIK Netherlands: Last week Thursday, Tulane University published their latest report on trafficking and the worst forms of child labour in the cocoa industry of West Africa. The findings were shocking, to say the least. … Continue reading

Exploitation of labor rights in Chocolate production is ongoing

The worst forms of child labor, forced labor and trafficking of children have not been eradicated yet, on the contrary, a newly released study gives real  evidence about the widespread practices and the ineffectiveness of the industry’s efforts. Nine years ago, a voluntary agreement called the Harkin-Engel Protocol was signed by the cocoa and chocolate … Continue reading

Diamonds- until death do us part

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Blood Diamond” before. Possibly you’ve seen the film. And if you’re even vaguely familiar with the subject, you’d probably wish you didn’t know that beneath the sparkle of a ‘girl’s best friend’, lies a very unsettling contradiction. In Zimbabwe, like in many parts of Africa, diamonds are seen as a major … Continue reading

Global News

Benin– 87 traffickers have been prosecuted and jailed the National Agency for the Prohibition for Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) while it has also rehabilitated more than 4,000 victims since establishing in 2003. There are many Nigerian women forced in the sex industry in Europe (around 10,000 in Italy alone). A project has been commissioned for … Continue reading

Anti Slavery Day UK just around the corner

The UK’s first anti-slavery day is just around the corner on the 18th October, 2010. The Anti-Slavery Day Act was passed into law just before the general election, providing a chance for raising awareness about the many people in the UK and around the world who continue to be trapped in exploitation. It is also … Continue reading

Global News 17/09/2010

PHILIPPINES-268 human trafficking victims, some of them minors, have been rescued from from 10 bars and night clubs in Pampanga. The Philippines is in danger of losing about $250-million in aid from the US if it does not improve prosecution of trafficking cases. Since 2003, only 23 cases led to convictions. ENGLAND– An Indian man … Continue reading

The Dark reality of child beggars in Dakar

“Abdoulaye Ba, 10, looked right, then left, before timidly approaching the taxi and holding out his hand.” A 10-year-old begging is nothing new in Dakar, “but the fear in his eyes is” ( A few days ago police chased him away from the intersection where he used to beg as part of a national ban … Continue reading

Virginity for sale just around the corner from Harrods, UK

A letter is delivered by an Iranian trafficking ring to a London Hotel. It reads: ‘I have 12 girls ready from the age 14-20 years, who are living all over the UK…” A girl’s photograph can be sent to potential clients to show them what is on offer. The trafficking ring moves girls across the … Continue reading

Global Newsround 10/09/2010

Honolulu – a company victimized nearly 900 Thai workers, more than double the 400 cited in a grand jury indictment that alleges forced labour at farms in Hawaii and on the mainland. The CEO of the company that provided the workers has had bail set at $1million. Belfast – a crime gang controlled by a Scottish … Continue reading

Global Newsround 03/09/10

Spain– police have broken up a human-trafficking ring for male prostitution, the first case of its kind. The alleged victims were given stimulant drugs to make them available for sex 24 hours a day. U.S.– in another unusual case, a bondsman has been arrested in an unusual charge of forced labor after he was accused … Continue reading

Talking about Trafficking…

We think it’s great that Channel 4 in the UK has had a string of programmes on Human Trafficking and exploitation. Some of you may have watched “I am Slave“, the Dispatches on “Britain’s Secret Slaves” or last night’s first part of “The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Traffickers“. It’s good news that these have helped to get everyone talking about … Continue reading

Does Buying Sex come with consumer responsibility?

The cover reads “Just like Peter Crouch…we’re young, hot and have slept with prostitutes.“ Yes, it’s a weekly gossip magazine. Yes, like most girls, I’m guilty of reading it. And yes, even I surprised myself to have found within, inspiration for this blog! But I remind myself that we are anti-trafficking, not anti-prostitution; and this … Continue reading

Global News 27/07/10

SWEDEN – 8 people were charged with trafficking 10 African women, intimidating them into prostitution by using means of vodoo and debt bondage. A 16 year old girl was forced to continue to pay half of her earnings even after her debt was repaid. GREECE– 2 Bulgarian nationals have been arrested and charged with human trafficking along with … Continue reading

Slavery Remembrance Day 23rd August, 2010

Today marks the 12th International Slavery Remembrance Day for the abolition of the Slave Trade. We had our delightful Victoria Kuhr on BBC’s breakfast radio in Plymouth this morning, speaking STOP THE TRAFFIK’s part on what slavery looks like today.  The date commemorates those who worked together around the world to end an inhuman system, … Continue reading

News Summaries 20/08/2010

Iraq – US Embassy advisors conducted a human trafficking seminar for female Iraqi Police officers, to equip students with the tools to deal with victims who rarely come to the forefront with information. UK– A new police report reveals at least 2,600 women have been trafficked into England and Wales and forced to work as … Continue reading

Poundland to grow: value for injustice?

Recently, I blogged about Poundland and their use of slave labour in their supply chain: Well, guess what? They are now on the hunt for BIGGER and MORE stores after a 130% rise in annual profits: But while consumers chase value, they must ask themselves whether Poundland are really their shopping list justice. … Continue reading

Albino hunter sells victim

A 28-year-old Kenyan has been arrested by Tanzanian police for trying to sell another man for his body parts. In a sting operation, police pretended to be businessmen buying albino body parts, which are highly prized in Tanzania by witchdoctors for their alleged healing properties. Police struck a deal equivalent to over $250,000 with the man … Continue reading

International Baby Shopping

Adopting a baby can be a huge responsibility. I just came across an old article in The Times called “Baby trafficking may not be all bad.” It spoke of the line between wealthy celebrity adoptions, and the demand this potentially creates for trafficking in babies. I am about to summarize a few ideas from that … Continue reading

Global News 12/08/2010

India– Operating across the country and neighbouring Nepal, a gang lured over 200 girls and boys and sold them in West Asian countries and Saudi Arabia. Officials were suspicious on detecting the age on passports slightly scratched. US– Online classified advertising site Craiglist has been described as “the Wal-Mart of online sex trafficking” of underage … Continue reading

Global News 06/08/2010

Good News Malaysia– Victims of human trafficking in Malaysia are now going to be treated as such instead of taken to immigration detention at the airport where they are sometimes kept for many months. Nigeria– A Nigerian teenager stopped alleged traffickers from transporting her and 5 other girls to work as prostitutes by shouting to … Continue reading

Global News 30/07/2010

South Asia Follow Siddharth Kara as he researches trafficking around South Asia. He will be accessing the heart of the problem, telling readers what he discovers every week over the next ten weeks. So far “…it’s not just construction, but commercial sex, agriculture, mining, leatherwork’s, fishing… Business is business and slavery is no different.” … Continue reading

Cocoa Journalists in the Ivory Coast locked up

The latest news coming out of the Ivory Coast suggests its not just victims trafficked into chocolate production whose freedom is at stake. Even the reporters trying to highlight things in the cocoa industry those in power would rather keep hidden, are having their freedom taken away.  Since journalists are particularly important in providing public … Continue reading

Global News 23/7/2010

Africa 19 human traffickers have been caught and 625 victims reintegrated into communities across Ghana. The survivors have also been given formal education and skills training. Research suggests 70% of human trafficking cases in Ghana are internal with 78% of victims between 6-15 years old. Low participation and progress of women in society is likely … Continue reading

From Slaveland to Poundland

Have you ever been into a Pound/Dollar/Euro shop and like me, wondered, who (when you save so much) actually gains from what you buy? This question has never been more relevant than it is today. In Poundland, for £1 (the equivalent of about $1.5 or just over €1), you can buy anything from a notebook … Continue reading

Global news round 16/07/20

UK ECPAT UK and the Body Shop launched a new petition calling on government to introduce a new strategy of guardianship. Research found 55% of children who have been identified as trafficked go missing from local authority care and are never found. It is believed this is because the trafficker has found them or they … Continue reading

Newsround 9/7/10

Canada – 11 women rescued from forced prostitution in massage parlour A popular Richmond Hill massage parlour has been raided over the weekend. 11 women were found inside, however only one was willing to give a statement against the men who police believe were running the parlour. The women were forced to provide sexual services … Continue reading

Marriage under Sharia Law- the case of customary abuse?

Human trafficking knows no geographical, political, cultural or religious boundaries so measures to combat trafficking must, like the crime, transcend all boundaries. But is this possible? There have been questions asked about Islam’s position on trafficking. This blog draws on an interesting new paper by UNODC to open a discussion on the issue of how … Continue reading


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