STOP THE TRAFFIK at the Financial Times

Financial Times’ global reach can transform the fight against trafficking

The greatest gift to a trafficker is the ability to operate in the shadows and work unseen, to maintain a state of denial enabling the growth of profits through this global crime to continue. To bring trafficking out of the shadows and achieve its effective disruption, STOP THE TRAFFIK has always been dependent on the life giving oxygen of large scale awareness.

That is why the news that the Financial Times has chosen us to be their Seasonal Appeal charity is a massive boost for STOP THE TRAFFIK. They are a powerful new partner with the clout to make a real difference in the battle against forced labour and trafficking around the world.

With the potential to shine the spotlight on the global economic debate around 21st century slavery, the FT and STOP THE TRAFFIK can together lead the empowerment of people, the utilisation of technology, and the gathering and sharing of knowledge necessary to bring disruption to this global crime.

Earlier this year we joined other charities in bidding for this coveted partnership and progressed through the stages, culminating in a final last month. STOP THE TRAFFIK volunteers of all ages visited the FT’s offices in London, standing gagged and dressed in black, holding written personal trafficking testimonies. The team also engaged in conversations and discussions with the FT team and presented via Skype to their offices around the world.

The team at STOP THE TRAFFIK has worked exceptionally hard to secure this partnership since April – but the reality is that this fantastic outcome is down to the continuing hard work that countless people across the world have put into the fight against human trafficking. We’re also aware that a number of charities were under consideration by the FT. Their work is both invaluable and inspirational. We are humbled to have been chosen and are determined to maximise this opportunity, empowering communities around the globe, to ultimately STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Ruth Dearnley

Read the full press release here


Change is happening in the chocolate industry

We are delighted that Nestlé have made a public announcement stating that they are on target to achieve 100% cocoa from sustainable sources by the end of 2015, becoming the first major confectionery company in UK and Ireland to achieve this milestone.

It has been confirmed that by the end of 2015 all Nestlé confectionery containing cocoa sold within the in UK and Ireland will be certified through either UTZ or Fairtrade.

This is a great step forward! Certification through credible, independent standards bodies such as Fairtrade, UTZ Certified, and Rainforest Alliance, is a key step in eradicating child trafficking in the chocolate industry.


Send Nestlé a message through social media to thank them for making this commitment to certify their entire chocolate range. Here are some suggestions:

Thank you @Nestle for certifying your entire chocolate range in the UK & Ireland by the end of 2015! #togetherwecan @stopthetraffik

Thank you @Nestle for your commitment to @stopthetraffik in your supply chains.

We can’t wait to buy #traffikfree @Nestle products! Thank you for certifying more of your range!

Download this image to put in your post:

Why not send a selfie? – Take a #selfie with you and a @Nestle kitkat an
d post your thank you message with the hashtags #traffikfree #selfie and tag @stopthetraffik


This week the Fair Labor Association (FLA) released their audit of the farms in Nestlé’s Cocoa Plan in Cote d’Ivoire. Assessors found four children under the age of 15 working in the cocoa fields, as well as one case of forced labour (child trafficked labour) involving a young worker from Burkina Faso, believed to be 15, who had been working without pay or documentation since he was 13. 

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan “seeks to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities, addressing child labour while improving productivity and ensuringSustainable cocoa 1 website the flow of good quality, sustainable cocoa”. Nestlé have made commitments to eliminate the use of child labour across the cooperatives within the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. In response to this finding Nestlé said “As a company, we are doing all we can but we acknowledge that, as long as children work on cocoa farms, there will always be more to do” Sandra Martinez, Global Head of Chocolate and Confectioner.

STOP THE TRAFFIK commends Nestlé for their Cocoa Plan and their partnership with the FLA which has resulted in these children being found. Of course, we look forward to the day when no child trafficked labour is found in chocolate production, but discovering these children means they can be remediated and the problem can be addressed. 

Finding these children gives us a clear picture that child trafficking is still occurring in Cote d’Ivoire. It sends a message to chocolate producers that there is still more to be done to totally eradicate human trafficking.

If you are interested in reading the full report and the actions Nestlé is planning please go to  


We would like to see Nestlé’s commitments go even further. We ask Nestlé to publicly release their intentions to expand their Cocoa Plan (which currently covers 20% of their cocoa supply chain) and commit to 100% certification of every chocolate product sold around the world. We would like to see the Nestlé Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System rolled out across the whole of the cocoa supply chain and the see evidence of the financial commitment that Nestlé are prepared to make to tackle the crime of human trafficking. 


Since 2006, together we have put pressure on the chocolate industry. Together we have raised our voice on behalf of those who have been trafficked and exploited. The recent announcements from Nestlé demonstrate that your voice has been heard. Because of your actions, the industry is changing, thank you!

At STOP THE TRAFFIK we believe prevention of human trafficking is essential. Behind every break-through like this there is a lot of research, negotiation, education, awareness raising and resource development for campaigning. That all costs money.  We thank you, our activists, for your part in campaigning and ask you to support us financially so together we can continue to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

To make a donation today visit:

The lengths people go to – to STOP THE TRAFFIK


Flowing into our inbox this week have been stories of genuine creativity and ingenuity from our supporters. One of our supporters is literally going to great lengths to STOP THE TRAFFIK; or, should we say, cutting off those lengthy locks to go bald in the name of a good cause. We spoke to Matthew Morton, leader of the University of East Anglia STOP THE TRAFFIK group, who said, ‘Just before Christmas 2013 I took the step of pledging to shave off my hair (my beautiful, long, curly, tenderly conditioned, flowing hair) to raise money for STOP THE TRAFFIK.’

Matthew’s quirky fundraising campaign has struck a chord. Clearly attached to his long locks, and passionate about the prevention of human trafficking, he has exceeded his original fundraising goal of £3,500. The great lengths he has gone to have paid off – at the time of writing, Matthew has raised £4,190.00 thanks to the generosity of people like you.

Matthew is linked into a global network of STOP THE TRAFFIK supporters, all going to great lengths to raise awareness of human trafficking. In New York, our volunteers have persevered through the biting cold, and snow, to attract attention to the issue of human trafficking with GIFT Box USA. The GIFT Box is an interactive exhibit that aims to educate, and inspire action, around human trafficking: people are lured inside the big, colourful, box, before being confronted with the realities of the trafficking trade, as told by survivors.

The USA volunteers have donated their time generously, and gathered over 1,000 signatures since they’ve been stationed in Union Square. Our CEO, Ruth Dearnley, joined them this week, and spoke passionately about those involved: “It is a privilege to work alongside others, who believe that together we can STOP THE TRAFFIK.”

Meanwhile, in a similarly creative vein, STOP THE TRAFFIK Canada has been galvanising supporters into joining their flash mob, taking place on 8th March. They’re asking people to STOP, in the name of LOVE… A reminder that a little love, and a great dance, can help change the world – if we all take action.

Ruth Dearnley, our CEO, is often asked what ‘stop’ looks like. She says it looks like this: global supporters, coming together, going to great and creative lengths, all to raise awareness of human trafficking.

We would love to hear what you’re doing to stop the traffik in your community. Please send us your creative ideas, stories and photos so we can share them with activists around the world – at

Women of the world UNITE!

Today is International Woman’s Day!

Today is the day we put our feet up and celebrate the very simple fact that we are and (in most cases) always will be women.

Wondering what to write, the women in our office tried to think of reasons why it is great to be a woman. Ourlist started with things like; we have soft skin, we are nurturing, we wear nice pants…  I was very quickly reminded how lucky I am being a woman in the UK.

Today, as I sit here with the sun streaming through the window, a friend I met at an anti-trafficking conference in Egypt is inspiring her fellow women to meet in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to use this day both a celebration and as a way of re-connecting with a political voice that was taken away and forgotten.

As I sit here, I know there are women and young girls working in a brothel I visited as part of a project run by Oasis India. I can see it perfectly; a narrow house in the middle of a district famous for its sex industry. Small sprawling rooms no bigger that a sauna but just as warm with at least 8-10 young women and girls in each, waiting for customers with a man guarding the door….. I think they would find my list insulting.

As I sit here with my Masters Degree I think about the girls denied an education because they are girls or because there are no girl’s toilets in their school or because the school is too far away. Pretty grim isn’t it?

To stop me hurling myself out the window in despair, I think a little bit deeper….

Sally in Egypt has taken to the streets. She may be surrounded by hundreds of empowered women, she may be there yelling on her own, it doesn’t matter how many people are there – the movement has start somehow. Admirably she has the drive to get up and fight for what she believes in.

I can see women sat in Mumbai’s brothels but I can also see the tiny lady from Oasis India talking to them and holding my arm for support. They won’t stop fighting for India’s untouchables.

Then I read an email from 3 mums in Australia who are taking part in Freedom Ticket for Life and want to raise money to get vulnerable girls into school.

Life’s funny isn’t it?

We are women and women rock. We have a voice; we should always use it because one thing we are good at is shrieking.

An excited to be a woman Victoria Kuhr

Freedom means escape and an education

I’ve just visited one of the projects your money supports through Freedom Ticket for Life; Children on the Edge’s project in Mae Sot in Thailand on the border with Burma.

Burma has been under military rule for many years and different ethnic groups have been under attack ever since (the military is literally trying to destroy them).  Whole villages have been wiped out and civilians murdered. Arefugee camp we went to has been there over twenty years and houses more than 20,000 people waiting (most of them for years) to be moved and placed in another country. We also saw a clinic where mine victims were being fitted with prosthetic limbs.
As you can imagine, situations of such turmoil result in many children being orphaned and many more being sent by families unaccompanied across the border for safety. This makes them very vulnerable to being trafficked.

The projects you support through Freedom Ticket for Lif e are a children’s crisis centre and an attached school that give girls and boys the chance for a safe place to live, recover, receive counselling and get an education.
When we arrived the place was in working order but one wall was desperately in need of repair, the toilets weren’t finished and the courtyard was nothing but dirt and rubble.

Amazingly, right before our eyes and because of your money, materials arrived and work began! By the end of our visit, the building was complete and the transformation wonderful. Young girls now have somewhere clean, safe and sanitary to learn, develop and grow into a life with more hope and opportunity. Without you, this would not have been possible.

Thirty–seven girls and a similar number of boys are cared for and schooled by these two linked projects. Many children are very sad and traumatised but the staff are amazing, very caring and committed. About ten percent of the children have been trafficked and the rest would be extremely vulnerable to trafficking if they were not at the Children’s Crisis Centre.
While we were there, we and people from Give Way to Freedom who are working with us on this project, ran an art therapy session. The children were given T-shirts and encouraged to draw something on them which made them happy. One girl drew an orchid, she said her family grew them in Burma and she drew orchids when ever she missed them. Another boy drew a picture of mountains and his parents waving goodbye.

We asked them what freedom meant to them. Many children replied that it was to be free from control and able to go to school. One child said ‘freedom is when people help you to escape and give you an education. We believe that too and that’s why the donations to Freedom Ticket for Life are so precious, they enable trafficked children to be free.

To do your bit and find out more go to

Phil Lane, STOP THE TRAFFIK Belguim.

When’s your Festival of Freedom?


Hey Everyone!

It’s holiday time-  time to get your wellies out, your party clothes on and have a FESTIVAL OF FREEDOM wherever you are!

Do you have time off university, work or school?

Check out the new campaign now live on our website:

Use your local talent and put on a gig, art exhibition, party, village fair or something completely different to celebrate your holiday whilst raising money for STOP THE TRAFFIK!


Secret Diary of a STOP THE TRAFFIK worker

Good day to you, dear blog reader. 

There are two things to report this week. 

1.A few days ago I was offered a place in the British 10km run on Sunday 11th July (T  minus 10 days).  Now, I’ve always thought it’d be nice to do a run but I am not a runner (at all) and the idea of training for weeks and injecting protein supplements into my eye sockets has been enough to deter me (please don’t try that) . But loving a challenge, I said ‘sure thing. I’d love to’. 

I got up early this morning and ran for 20 minutes. On Saturday I will run / jog very very slowly for 25 minutes building up to an hour in 10 days (I am not going to dwell on the maths of my training plan). 

The point is, I am doing it. I am going to run.  The reason I tell you this is that if I can do it, so can you!  Try it, I dare you! Go outside and jog / walk / run / hobble / race on your wheels for 8 minutes. You’d be surprised. And when you get back feeling simultaneously energised, great and tired check out    

 Wristbands out, lycra outfits on! 

 2. A number of people find our blog by typing things like ‘sexy girls Mumbai’ or ‘Kamathipura’ into search engines. So yesterday we posted something an unsuspecting internet user will get instead highlighting the reality of the situation there. Have a read here

Classical concert streamed right to your ears

Hello there everybody and wishing one and all a happy weekend!

This evening something very exciting is going to happen. The International Orchestra of Freedom are putting on a classical concert for STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Look  how lovely the building is….


 As non London people want to enjoy it too,  the organisers are going to stream it live into your living rooms! You can watch it and enjoy their beautiful sounds right here:

There are still a few tickets available so if you want to go head to St Johns, Smiths Square, London and let your ears be pleasured!

STOP THE TRAFFIK with Liz Fisher: 400 miles- 40 days!

Hi Everybody!

I’d like to give a shout out to the lovely Liz Fisher who is cycling/walking to raise money for STOP THE TRAFFIK!

Liz’s goals? £400 by doing 400 miles in 40 days! She began on May 31st and hopes to finish in July in time for her birthday! Here is Liz’s Justgiving page where you can read more and support her and STOP THE TRAFFIK!

Many thanks Liz!

Take a STAND with the International Orchestra for Freedom

Time to FREE your ears and others with the sound of Tchaikovsky and Beetoven this summer!

The International Orchestra for Freedom is a force for International social change. The voice of a generation of talent are using their magic to mobalize people to STOP THE TRAFFIK!

Join them for their debut performance at 7:30pm on the 25th June, 2010 at St. John’s, Smith Square and see rising classical music stars- pianist Alexandra Darieseu and conductor William Kunhardt.

Take a look at their website:

Oasis Youth Theatre Crowned at All England Festival

Based at Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill in Southampton, Oasis Youth Theatre scooped the top prize at the weekend’s All-England Theatre Festival, beating more than 100 productions from around the country. They will go on to represent the nation at the British final in Scotland later this month with their performance of One Million to STOP THE TRAFFIK – a harrowing portrayal of the global trade in human life.

The production was devised and produced by the Oasis Youth Theatre after arts director Mark Wheeller heard about Human Trafficking and decided to use his skills to do something to stop it! The play includes a story about an English girl who is trafficked after falling into drugs and the sex trade. It also has original music and multi media images, as well as an award winning portrayal of body-popping vultures who hang over the trade as predators.  

The group now has less than three weeks to prepare for the national finals to be held in East Kilbride on June 24th and 25th. They will perform a special fundraising show at the academy on June 16th, but are also looking for individuals or organisations to sponsor their bid for national glory.

The Oasis centre in London is lucky to be showing the production on Monday the 21st June!

STOP THE TRAFFIK do have a few spaces left so let us know if you are interested by emailing

Please note some scenes are not suitable for children under 13.

See the amazing reviews on facebook:

The composer has also made available on Amazon and coming soon to itunes, the first ever STOP THE TRAFFIK soundtrack! This is non-profit; check it out here:

Folk, Fairtrade, Freedom

Who doesn’t love all three of the above? The brilliant people at Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival are combining Folk, Fairtrade and Freedom for another year with a variety of fun events from the 28th February to 7th March.

On Saturday the 6th March there will be a Fairtrade Fair where you can get all your favourite Fairtrade Goodies (I personally am looking forward to a lot of chocolate and coffee) and discover new products to make your life that little bit fairer. STOP THE TRAFFIK will also be there, so come and say hello.

On Sunday the 7th March is the fourth benefit gig for Fairtrade and STOP THE TRAFFIK with some of the biggest names in folk and acoustic music such as Chris Wood, Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson & Chris Parkinson and Julie Hall. I think it will be a brilliant night and definitely for a good cause, ensuring the things we eat, buy and wear are exploitation-free.

To find out what else is happening see for more information. The booking line is now open 01444 242888. All events are taking place at the Martlets Hall in Burgess Hill.


Classical Music + Anti-trafficking = An Unbeatable Evening Out

Morning all, just a quick note to brighten up your Thursday with news of a fantastic event being held by one of our supporters in Scotland. Rev. John Carswell has organized a concert to raise awareness and funds for STOP THE TRAFFIK. It’s taking place on Saturday 20th February at 7pm at the Cadzow Parish Church in Hamilton, and looks set to be a great evening, with a programme of music by Debussy, Mozart, Handel, Labi Siffre, and Carole Bayer Sager. There will be a performance by SoundRoutes Community Choir and a talk from Christina McKelvie MSP as well. A £5 donation is suggested for tickets, available on the door.

Our campaigners are the lifeblood of our movement, so it’s always extremely encouraging for us to hear about what they are getting up to, and of course we wish the Reverend all the best for the concert. If anyone finds themselves in the Hamilton area next Saturday, we urge them to go along! And if anyone else is planning an exciting event for STOP THE TRAFFIK, do let us know.

A Whole Lotta Love…

It’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you’ll be spending it in a reverie of romantic bliss or bemoaning the cynical commercialisation of a cherished holiday, there’s no better occasion for showing some love. Not just to your nearest and dearest, but to those who are furthest away – like, for example, the 27 million people in slavery around the world. Our partners across the pond, Oasis USA, have come up with a brilliant way to do both at once. They’ve produced a rather gorgeous Valentine’s Day postcard, which you can order in packs of 10 from their website for just $6. All the proceeds will go towards funding the fight against human trafficking, and if you’re feeling particularly free with your love you can even donate online while you’re at it. 

So whether it’s asking your girlfriend to marry you, or asking Darren from accounts for a drink, send a message this Valentine’s Day that will change more than one life.

Kiwi Millionaire needs our help

You may remember that a few months ago a supporter in New Zealand asked people to vote and help decide which charity he should donate to after running a marathon. You may also remember I got thoroughly over excited when we won with an incredible 40,000 votes!  AMAZING.

Well, Kiwi Millionaire is running this weekend and has increased his target  to £10000 which he has to raise in a week! Pretty impressive.

He wrote to me, and although it’s ambitious, Kiwi millionnaire is as determined as ever and claims to have a plan (he also said he has been ‘spewing forth information about STOP THE TRAFFIK in his sleep’ … everyone here in the London office would like to apologise to his family for this and hope he hasn’t driven anyone crazy!)

His approach to raising such a stack of cash is simple, get 5,000 people to view his short video then donate £2 each. This should help him reach his target in no time at all! 

You can check out his video here

blog:  (you can also donate via a justgiving widget on his blog)

donation page:

 C’mon everybody….. we can do it!

Use your body for charity…

…And join us on the Brussels 20km run!

On March 31st in Brussels the traffic will indeed stop – but only the cars, buses and motorbikes, which will make way for the Brussels 20km run. There will be about 30 people running as a group for STOP THE TRAFFIK and we are hoping that the money raised will help us to continue the fight against human trafficking around the world. If you would like to join us, on 31st May  – you will get a free T-shirt, waffle and Belgian beer- and of course lots of fun. Please contact either Phil Lane, director of charity Oasis Belgium on 0475 927 507,  or Niels Vandereyken on 0487 466 399.

If you can’t make it, but would like to sponsor us, please go to


Secret Diary of a STOP THE TRAFFIK worker…

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to personally say a huge thank you to all those who voted for STOP THE TRAFFIK in the Kiwi Millionaire’s challenge to win $10000!

I have to admit, I became slightly addicted to checking up on how we were doing!

After I posted a request for help on the blog, I was absolutely thrilled to see the votes begin to come pouring in. By the time the deadline came you managed to rack up had over 40,000 votes. 40,000! (In case you missed what I just said, STOP THE TRAFFIK received over 40,000 votes!).

It is brilliant to know there are so many of you out there checking in, poised and ready to throw yourselves into action.

Now we just have to help Kiwi Millionaire raise the money! I will update you on his progress as it happens! Thanks a lot everybody!


And the award goes to…

This week, STOP THE TRAFFIK would like to extend a warm HUGE thank you to the amazing, fantastic and inspirational Red River Theatre group run by Nigel Roberts based in Hinckley, Leicester.

Directed by Mr. Roberts, a number of budding actors and actresses produced a film called STRANDED. This thought provoking drama highlighted different challenges facing three teenage girls.  

The stories which revolved around bullying, family abuse and trafficking intertwined as the girls shared their experiences after finding themselves washed up in childhood wasteland – a space where robbed youth is lost and found.

I was fortunate enough to sit with three of the young stars and asked them about their experiences.

Monika, played by Cassie Shilladay is a normal girl who falls for a nice boy with a nasty brother. She was eventually tricked by the promise of a modeling career and trafficked overseas. 

“I didn’t know much about trafficking’ said Cassie ‘it was incredible to learn how big the problem was and that Britain is involved. It really bought home that it [trafficking] happened to people our age”

I asked whether it was hard playing such challenging roles by day and then slotting into normal mode at night.

“It was definitely a challenge to get in the role of being bullied” replied Sophie Wightman Who played Abi – the bullied ‘new girl’ at school. “It was alright during filming – it was when you got home that it hit and touched you”.

Zoe Grain who played Lisa – a girl abused by her father, very honestly admitted “it was a totally different mindset; I was almost scared to play it”.

The emotional and psychological journey the entire cast went on must have been demanding but the final production was incredibly touching and something everyone involved in the project should feel immensely proud of.

As a result of their hard work and with the support of Mr. Roberts, the Red River theatre group have toured local schools with assemblies, Zoe has given presentations focusing on trafficking into the cocoa industry , their first production ‘Girl in the Photograph’ has been viewed over 16,000 times and Stranded was downloaded at a rate of 40 a day.

In addition to these awareness raising successes, as a result of the film one audience member made a donation to the youth group who then presented a cheque for over £1000 to STOP THE TRAFFIK. This money is vital for us to continue our projects and directly adds to the fight against the horrific crime of people trafficking.

As Mr. Roberts said  ‘a life can be transformed by experiencing someone else’s”

Coulsdon is STOPPING TRAFFIK. Are you?



Our day began outside a wet Herne Hill train station.  Victoria and I (Rich) were on our way to meet students and teachers from the Oasis Academy in Coulsdon, Surrey.  The school’s students had successfully hosted a number of chocolate fondue parties (much to the despair of the PE teacher and delight of the Home Economics teacher!). 

As well as hosting fondue parties to raise money and awareness, some students organised unique fundraising activities.  These included a sponsored silence (must have been bliss for the teachers!) and (despite strange worried looks from local residents) a sponsored pyjama day.   

In total a staggering £575.39 was raised for STOP THE TRAFFIK.  This simply had to be congratulated in person. 

After arriving at Coulsdon South train station, we made the 40 minute UPHILL journey by foot, to the school.   The school is located in a leafy suburb of Surrey, what a great teaching environment, lucky kids!  Lots of green open spaces to work off all the chocolate! 

We were shown around the school by the excellent Mrs Butcher.   We were mightily impressed by all the facilities the school had on offer and the politeness of the students, especially the year 9 students who raised the most money. 


The cheque was presented to us at the end of the year 9 assembly, this gave us a chance to thank everyone involved and express our deepest gratitude. A special mention must go out to year 9 student Bethany Frost, who single handedly raised over £100.


The school also recently held a sponsored swimathon – the aim was for 10 students and 4 teachers to swim as many lengths as humanly possible.  If they swam as well as they ate chocolate STOP THE TRAFFIK are in for a real treat!  Watch this space.

We left the school with the realisation that STOP THE TRAFFIK are equipped with a vast array of talented individuals.  An inspiration to us all.


A huge thank you to EVERYONE who took part and the three fabulous girls (Anneka Nevin, Sophie Williams and Rochelle Reid) who are driving STOP THE TRAFFIK into the future.

Secret Diary Writer needs your help…

Dear reader,

This week, I have a favour to ask…….

As a charity organisation we are not funded by government / the EU or any other body for that matter. This means we rely totally on the generosity of our supporters to keep our campaigns alive and growing.

A lovely chap in New Zealand is going to run a marathon collecting money for charity along the way (he is hoping for $10000). He has listed a number of big, well-know charities on his website and is asking people to vote who should get the cash. One of the charities you can vote for is (dadada) STOP THE TRAFFIK!

The problem is that not many people are clued up to the scale and size of trafficking so when it comes to voting and funding, trafficking (despite being a mass violation of human rights)  always gets overlooked. PLEASE HELP!

STOP THE TRAFFIK need that money! With that much money we can:

       set up community groups to research trafficking potential in their area

       expand the website which is seeing a growing number of  tip-offs leading to the rescue of victims of trafficking

       finalise the global webcast (a resource filmed from the UN in New York. It will be translated into 6 languages and aimed at raising awareness among communities who are at risk and in schools where other people can act as the voice of those who are victims)

       campaign for the eradication of child trafficking in the cocoa industry 

If you have a second, PLEASE check out this website and get STOP THE TRAFFIK some votes!


Get voting and send the link to as many people as you can!

Thank you for helping STOP THE TRAFFIK remain a force fighting traffikers

Victoria Kuhr




This week, STOP THE TRAFFIK would like to feature the creative collaboration of Compassion Art. Twelve songwriters who have felt deeply about poverty, injustice and compassion have come together to make music, literature, and give importance to issues that need our attention and that we need to be more informed about. We are delighted that STOP THE TRAFFIK has been chosen as one of the issues that Compassion Art is addressing deeply. Please take keep a look out for their publication ‘The Art of Compassion’, now available to buy. All the proceeds from sales will directly benefit the nominated projects, so please make your way to a good bookstore near you and get your hands on a copy! 

The Freeset Project

STOP THE TRAFFIK is inspired by innovative projects around the world helping to rehabilitate the victims of human trafficking and inspire new hope and confidence. This week, STOP THE TRAFFIK wants to feature Freeset.

Freeset trains women who have been rescued from the sex industry in Kolkata, India, to make jute bags, fabric covered journals, and sari blankets in an environment that nurtures a spirit of emancipation and camaraderie. Here, the women are able to hope for a better future, learn marketable skills and receive a basic education. Freeset was founded in 2001 with 20 women. Now in 2008, there are over 100 women working at Freeset and the organisation grows from strength to strength.


Please support freeset and STOP THE TRAFFIK through purchasing one of their bags designed in support of the campaign! To purchase a bag, please visit for more info. You can also support Freeset and help even more women towards a better, brighter future!


A HUGE THANK YOU to Miriam, a 12 year old TRAFFIK STOPPER


Miriam, A 12 year old TRAFFIK STOPPER organised a STOP THE TRAFFIK stall to raise awareness of the issue people trafficking at her school fete and raise money through selling Freedom Keys and Badges

Miriam says “It was really good because we told people about trafficking and they really listened. One of the things we did on the stall so that it wasn’t just a shop was have a freedom wall that people could sign. We also had a ‘guess the number of badges in the jar’ competition, the winner getting a FairTrade cake (which was made by me, using FairTrade ingredients).” 


Me beside the stall wearing a STOP THE TRAFFIK t-shirt



Los Angeles Annual Sport Fun(d)raiser for

It’s time again for the Oasis USA/STOP THE TRAFFIK annual sport fun(d)raiser!  Come join us for a community swim and run.  This year the swim will be hosted at the new La Mirada Aquatic Center with a run through beautiful La Mirada Regional Park.

Mark your calendars and start training!  More information on registration and volunteer opportunities are coming soon