“Doing it for Love Not Money”.

Huge congratulations to Robert Alexander from STOP THE TRAFFIK Devon and Cornwall who won the Marsh Christian Trust Award for ‘Outstanding individual’ last week, an award that aims to recognise those who “do it out of love not money”; individuals that continue to pump in hours of efforts for the good of others, with no ask for any sort of recognition or attention.

Robert was applauded for his tremendous voluntary contributions over recent years, where lately, his work collaborating with charity ‘Unchosen’, a Bristol based organisation that uses the power of film to fight Modern Slavery, began to highlight the rapid breakthroughs in connection with his hard work. Driven to put an end to exploitative labour, Robert looked at how films produced in association with Unchosen charity could be key to raising awareness of modern slavery existent within the UK. By promoting and marketing the footage effectively, the films became a method of outreach, multiplying the number of supporters contributing to the deconstruction of a suspected $150 billion industry.

Accepting his award, Robert drew attention to the power of film as a medium for change within the industry; Unchosen charity, driving innovating ways to educate individuals on the persistent presence of modern slavery existent within the UK economy.

We are very grateful to have Robert leading STOP THE TRAFFIK public engagements across Devon and Cornwall; keep up the good work!



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