Freedom Sunday: Global Faith Communities Unite to Fight Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing international crime, which affects millions of people worldwide. Its victims are heavily exploited and are deprived of the most basic human rights but, given the clandestine nature of the crime, it can be difficult to reach those in need. It is only with a concerted global effort that we will be able to stop human trafficking for good and, given their deep connection to local communities, faith groups are integral to this work.

It is for this reason that Freedom Sunday was founded, as it represents a day for global faith groups to stand together and take action to put an end to human trafficking. As part of Freedom Sunday, faith groups are provided with information packs to help them to plan their services and to provide further information to their communities. The aim of these services is to raise awareness of the issues around human trafficking, demonstrate compassion for the men, women and children that fall victim to this crime and drive action to simultaneously help those in need and prevent its growth.

The pack also includes suggested awareness and prevention campaigns that can be carried out by faith communities. In launching these campaigns, there is an opportunity to implement specific actions in the local area and, consequently, further raise awareness of the issues around human trafficking in the wider community.

Now in its fourth year, Freedom Sunday has grown exponentially, and its increased global presence represents a huge step forward in spreading international awareness of human trafficking. The collaboration it promotes amongst faith groups and wider societies around the world demonstrates a united commitment amongst communities and is a tangible and powerful global response against human trafficking.

This year, Freedom Sunday will be taking place on Sunday 16th October – or Saturday 15th October for those of whom Saturday is the Sabbath – as this is the closest weekend to Anti-Slavery Day on 18th October. We urge faith communities around the world to get involved and use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of human trafficking, by following the steps below. However, we also understand that human trafficking is an endless issue and so these resources are available throughout the year.

There is still a long way to go in the fight against human trafficking, but together we are stronger. Through our compassion, our unity and our actions, we can help those in need and ultimately put a stop to human trafficking.

To get involved in Freedom Sunday, follow these 3 steps:

  • Register: Go to the Freedom Sunday global website and register to download the information pack which has information and suggestions for how to get your faith community involved.
  • Plan: The pack has lots of suggestions for how to plan your Freedom Sunday service for 16th Obviously the planning can be changed to be more tailor-made for your faith community to ensure the message is as effective as possible.
  • Action: The education of your faith community can allow for raised awareness within the local area and prompt action against human trafficking. The pack contains lots of suggestions of campaigns and actions your faith community can do to ensure human trafficking can be prevented.

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