Year 9 Activist Raises £358 Playing Saxophone!


Ben Brown and STOP THE TRAFFIK CEO, Ruth Dearnley.

I found it very inspirational listening to Mrs Dearnley speak at the Abbey Service. She made me think about what I could do to Stop the Traffik and I thought fundraising would help to save lives. As I had already made some money for stop the Traffik, I thought about how I could raise some more and decided to raise money by busking in the Maltings.

I played my saxophone for five hours on 22nd December. A lot of people stopped and asked me what the charity was for. When I told them that it was for stopping slavery they were happy to put in some money. The average donation was £2.” – Ben Brown.

Ben attended a presentation put on at his school by STOP THE TRAFFIK’s CEO, Ruth Dearnley, last year. Ben was so inspired by the presentation that he went out and raised £358 all on his own! 

Way to go, Ben! It is activists like you who enable STOP THE TRAFFIK to do the work that we do. Thank you so much for your time and keep up the amazing work!

If you are interested in arranging to have a STOP THE TRAFFIK representative visit your school and speak about trafficking, visit our site here to receive more information!

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