How can you be a more ethical consumer?



Photo Courtesy of: Good On You/Facebook

Last week Collectively published a list of the 6 best apps to help consumers be more conscious when purchasing food, clothing, and beauty products.

When STOP THE TRAFFIK launched a decade ago a market for apps like this didn’t exist so we are very excited to see that apps which encourage shoppers to be conscious are growing in popularity!

Of the 6 apps listed, we’ve earmarked 2 as being particularly helpful in helping consumers avoid purchasing products that may be associated with unscrupulous production practices or unethical corporate owners.

  1. BuyCott – This app gives users the ability to scan items and trace the ownership of the item’s brand. BuyCott users can use this information to create campaigns to cull support for or against a particular corporation and organize a boycott against purchasing the products produced by them. How STT activists can use it: Start a campaign and boycott brands who are known to have poor labour standards.
  2. Not My Style – Users of this app can learn about the transparency of certain clothing brands and what their production practices are like. How STT activists can use it: Before you buy, review the practices of the brand and see what behaviours you may be supporting through a purchase.

Do you have any favourite apps that help you be a more ethical consumer?


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