On the road with Ruth Dearnley, STOP THE TRAFFIK CEO

Ruth, the CEO of STOP THE TRAFFIK, recently travelled to the USA to meet with our growing number of activists who are developing some amazing work. In this blog she shares a reflection she wrote, inspired by the 50 year commemoration of events at Selma Bridge, Alabama in 1965.

It’s an extraordinary country.

I’ve been in the USA for a few weeks now and it has been a great privilege to meet so many wonderful people who are a part of the STOP THE TRAFFIK global movement.

I have visited 5 different states, skyped live into a STOP THE TRAFFIK event in a coffee shop in Boston, met numerous STOP THE TRAFFIK activists, people across business, government, faith groups, media, community leaders and NGOs. I have spent this time listening to what is taking place across the USA, what STOP THE TRAFFIK is already doing and what could be.

Currently I am staying with friends in the unique city of Atlanta and for the first time in my life I got the opportunity to sit and watch the Oscars ‘live’.

For all the hype and rhetoric it was worth watching to witness the breath taking moment when the cast and song writers performed the Oscar winning song ‘Glory from the filmSelma’. Selma is a historical drama based on the marches that took place 50 years ago and led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This film felt poignant as these events that took place not far from where I am staying and 1965 was the year I was born! There is something unique and powerful to be nearby where events took place, to be among the people, walk the streets, and to feel the passion and power of people’s plea for justice.

It reminded me afresh that we stand on the shoulders of great people who walked across bridges of division and sacrificed their lives for what is right.

How many more bridges must we cross to cry out for the rights of those who are excluded, ignored and forgotten?

How many more roads must we march along together calling for true glory to be seen, when all people become free and no one is brought and sold?

Thank you for being part of STOP THE TRAFFIK and for all you are doing.

Each of our footsteps count in the march of a global movement. You count.

Be encouraged and inspired by those who truly showed us how to march well and change history.”

If you would like to support STOP THE TRAFFIK please donate here: www.stopthetraffik.org/donate

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