Be a STOP THE TRAFFIK chocolate hero in your school

This Easter you can join STOP THE TRAFFIK and help us campaign to end child trafficking in chocolate.

Download and use our three free lessons for ages 8-11 (key stage 2/3). Young people in your school will learn about what human trafficking is, feel equipped to take action to help prevent it, and excited to be empowered campaigners!

The lessons link human trafficking and chocolate focusing on our Easter campaign- we are asking supermarkets to stock more certified Easter eggs in 2016. Certified Easter eggs have the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified mark which indicates that the chocolate was made in monitored conditions aimed to prevent human trafficking. Your pupils will be able to join hundreds of STOP THE TRAFFIK members from around the world in our specific Easter campaign actions by:
· Signing our petition: either themselves or asking friends and family to sign
· Delivering a postcard to their local supermarket: order your postcards here or download your own here >>

Your pupils will also find out about William Wilberforce and how he helped end the transatlantic slave trade; discover where chocolate originates from and the chocolate making process; they will think about out how it might feel to have a price tag; and they will get hands on creating their own posters and campaign letters.

This learning journey will take young people from being learners to activists- finding out how they can have a positive impact and prevent social justice issues such as human trafficking, through their own actions and by influencing the actions of others.
You will all end up being STOP THE TRAFFIK classroom hero’s!

At STOP THE TRAFFIK we believe that young people have a vital role in preventing human trafficking, not only in knowing what it is so they can protect themselves and their friends, but also as future voices who can challenge a world where human trafficking currently thrives.

Each lesson includes lesson plans, info sheets for teachers, PowerPoints and activity resources.

Find out more about the lessons here:
Download them here:

Don’t forget to send us photos of your class in action or the posters you make- we’d love to see them!


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