Take Action This Easter

16th Feb- Blue Egg

At this time of year supermarkets across the country and around the world are gearing up to sell millions of chocolate Easter eggs.

Yesterday I noticed the shelves of my local supermarket already being filled with an exciting selection of Easter eggs in bright colourful packaging. I decided to have a browse through and found a range of different sizes and tantalising flavours, but sadly I couldn’t find many certified Easter Eggs!

A certified Easter egg is one stamped with the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified mark. These marks show customers like you and me that the chocolate in our Easter eggs has been made in monitored conditions that aim to prevent the trafficking of children.

But, why do we need these certifications? The shocking truth is that boys as young as ten are trafficked to perform the backbreaking and hazardous job of harvesting cocoa beans in the Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa. The cocoa beans they have to harvest end up in the chocolate we buy and love from our local shops, the chocolate in our Easter eggs.

Human Trafficking is the world’s fastest growing global crime. Despite improvements in the chocolate industry, human trafficking remains an ongoing and deep seeded problem. Together we have to put pressure on the chocolate industry to stop children and adults being trafficked and exploited to produce the chocolate we eat.

This Easter we’re taking action to try and prevent this- we’re calling on leading supermarkets in the UK, USA and Australia to double the number of certified Easter eggs they stock.

They will be ordering eggs for next year very soon, so it is vital that they hear from us today!

Take action now by:

  • Sign our petition:

Help us reach 10,000 signatures and add your name to our petition asking supermarkets to take action to help end child trafficking in chocolate by stocking double the number of certified Easter eggs next year.

Sign our petition now >bit.ly/TFEaster

  • Ordering our Easter postcards

Visit the STOP THE TRAFFIK page to order your postcards and hand them in to the supermarket manager on your next weekly shop.

Order your postcards now >bit.ly/EasterPC

Thank you for taking action, for more information and creative ways of get involved this Easter visit > www.stopthetraffik.org/campaign/traffikfreeeaster

Together we can make Easter #Traffikfree

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