Antislavery Day: The Work Continues

On Saturday 18 October along with NGOs from across the Europe, STOP THE TRAFFIK activists took action to shout out against modern slavery which, according to the most recent ILO figures, affects 21 million people worldwide. Hundreds took part in the Big Auction, choosing to be bought and sold in the name of those that don’t have a choice. We’re incredibly grateful to those that joined in – on top of the vital and bold awareness raising they did, their efforts also contributed financially to the work of STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Our #TraffikFree chocolate, fashion and tea ( campaigns have also received thousands of signatures, demonstrating to our leading brands that taking the threat of trafficking out of the supply chains needs to be a priority. Our message is clear, we love the products but can never truly enjoy them until we know the taint of forced labour, entrapment and exploitation is removed. Through Freedom Sunday, UK churches and faith groups joined with others across the world to cry out against human trafficking and learn what they can do in their communities to create change. We all have our part to play and Antislavery Day is about acknowledging that and growing the movement that seeks an end to trafficking in all of its heinous forms.


If Antislavery Day is a catalyst for change, then where are we heading? Our campaigns continue to build momentum, particularly our #Traffikfree Chocolate campaign focusing on the largest chocolate company in the world, Mondelez Intl. and asking them to face up to their accountabilities in addressing child trafficking in the Ivory Coast. On Tuesday 21st October, 300,000 people globally were reached simultaneously through a Thunderclap campaign signing up even more to the cause. The next stage is a huge postcard drop off (in the tens of thousands) at Mondelez’s headquarters in Chicago – there’s still time to order postcards for your friends, families and communities to sign but to contribute to the big drop, we’ll need them back Monday 17 November. If you haven’t already, get them ordered now!

If you’re keen to get involved in our Make Fashion #Traffikfree campaign then the great news is that there are even more ways for you to get the word out. One quick way is to take to Facebook and Twitter and get asking your brands directly what they do to address trafficking in their supply chains. Here’s an example of one activist that is already challenging their favourite brands to get vocal!

TweetThis is a brilliant opportunity to positively challenge your favourite brands about issues that affect every one of us. Here are the things we want you to ask about:

1. What are your brands doing to keep their clothes #traffikfree?

2. Will they sign up to the Make Fashion #Traffikfree protocol? >>

Our suggestion to get you started is: ‘Hey @[brand], love the clothes but are they #traffikfree? @stopthetraffik‘ – let us know how you’re getting on.

Our #Traffikfree Tea campaign is beginning to pick up speed. We are asking Tata Global Beverages to do more to address the working and living conditions on their associated tea plantations that are fuelling unique forms of trafficking from the plantations into nearby cities. If you’ve not already signed the petition, head over to to sign up and make sure you keep an eye on our social media accounts and newsletters for more creative ways to engage!

Get Equipped:

Order chocolate postcards:

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AUS >>email:


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