TRAVEL SAFE Week at Manchester Airport

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STOP THE TRAFFIK Manchester were privileged to be part of  TRAVEL SAFE week at Manchester Airport as part of the long standing relationship with the staff there who are real advocates of the collective anti-trafficking efforts across the city. There have been previous events at the airport to raise awareness which we have been involved with, but this year was a step up.

The week included ‘road shows’ where teams went into the airport terminals to meet and raise awareness amongst staff and invite them to training sessions on Human Trafficking, Abduction, Forced Marriage and human exploitation supported by the Border Force Safeguarding Team, The Chaplaincy Manchester Airport, GM Police, STOP THE TRAFFIK, SAHILI and International Justice Mission all played a part in the week.

The aims and objectives of the events were:

   •           To raise awareness of Human Trafficking, Child Welfare and Forced Marriage 

   •           To bring together companies, agencies, organisations and individuals to hear from one another about issues faced by vulnerable passengers in relation to Human Trafficking, Child Welfare and Forced Marriage

   •           To encourage every colleague working in and around Manchester Airport, whatever their uniform or job description, to recognise the part they have to play in protecting vulnerable passengers of all ages from Human Trafficking, Forced Marriage or other abusive behaviour.

The teams who organised and participated in the Travel safe week are proactive and recognise airlines and all the airport staff play a significant part in safe guarding vulnerable people.

One of the initiatives launched during travel safe week was to ask people to become TRAVEL SAFE CHAMPIONS and give them ownership within their company to help ensure staff had the appropriate knowledge and information to identify and report signs of trafficking. These TRAVEL SAFE CAMPIONS will help provide a network across all the different teams and companies that work within the airport to maintain a level of awareness related to potential victims of trafficking in the airport.

There were two training sessions held at the end of the week with all the teams involved presenting and delivering interactive workshops for people to engage with real cases studies from the airport. The training sessions exceeded the numbers expected to attended and from different areas, and lots of new contacts were made and they enabled the TRAVEL SAFE message to a lot of parts of the airport and wider community.  As a result of the week Community Relations team at the airport would like to work with us to get the TRAVEL SAFE message out to local schools, which will help to build on existing work and relationships we have in the local area.

There is ongoing work related to the TRAVEL SAFE effort and we are working together to keep up the momentum and encourage engaged staff to help provide information for passengers, we are also offering training to the airlines and other companies in an effort to try and reach all staff, working together to find out effective ways of maintaining the profile of the TRAVEL SAFE agenda.

To find out more about STOP THE TRAFFIK Manchester check out our Facebook page>!/act.manchester?fref=ts

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