What does STOP look like?

do-you-know-what-the-worlds-fastest-growing-globa-2-23459-1400069620-0The STOP THE TRAFFIK family  is a global one. We have communities all over the world helping to raise awareness of  human trafficking.

In the Netherlands STOP THE TRAFFIK have been working with the help of volunteers to spread the message, and raise awareness. Last year a group of volunteers used an innovative way to spread the word of human trafficking and how YOU can help.

Read Sifra (one of the volunteers) story here, of how the day went!

October 18th 2013 was the European Day against Human Trafficking. Our STOP THE TRAFFIK  group ‘Food Valley’ thought we could not let this day pass without paying attention to it. In Veenendaal, (a town in the East of the Netherlands) five ladies went to the city centre, dressed in black, their mouths covered with tape and with a sign around their neck saying ‘For Sale’ and wearing a sign with a barcode on it.

stop the traffik-13

During the day, we handed out 1500 flyers. This means that we raised awareness to 1500 people about the problem of human trafficking, and if they share the news, even more! Wow!

stop the traffik-33

Many people found it shocking to see us dressed this way. Most people, therefore, read the flyers and we got positive responses. Doing this action and seeing the reactions gave us new energy to keep standing up against human trafficking. It doesn’t need to be big; print out some flyers, put on a STOP THE TRAFFIK shirt and get out on the street!

Sifra Bol


Check out STOP THE TRAFFIK’s Netherlands website page to find out more about the Netherlands campaigns>http://bit.ly/1lBiFK1

STOP THE TRAFFIK Netherlands is on facebook! check out their page for all local news!







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