Imminent to the delivery of 40,000 postcards from the STOP THE TRAFFIK UK and Australia and a social media thunderclap of over 500 supporters on Anti-Slavery Day Mondelēz have made an announcement…

Yesterday they released some further information regarding their plans for tackling child labour and slavery in the cocoa supply chain. Published online their new documents are introduced by Aiden McQuade Director of Anti-Slavery International, one of their partners. The plans include a Child Labour Guidance Document’ which outlines procedures for identifying and tackling child labour and slavery through local expertise and community partnerships.


This represents a positive step by Mondelēz. They are openly addressing the issue and making their plans public. It is clear that this guidance document has taken serious consideration and some clear policy decisions to address the issue head-on.


However, there are many outstanding questions which have been at the heart of our campaign until now. They remain around the delivery, the timeline and scale; third party, independent auditing of scheme and impact as well as how this information will be conveyed to the consumer.


Our questions are:

  • You have not mentioned certification of specific bars such as Toblerone, how will consumers know if they are buying chocolate that is free from child trafficking?
  • There is no mention of third party verification in the document, please explain your plans around who is going to do this? If you are not planning to use one of the key three current certifications such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified, how are you planning to ensure it is fully independent?
  • When do you plan to start the programme in Côte d’Ivoire?
  • What scale will the programme be rolled out to initially and do you have a timeline detailing when it will cover all the farms from which you source your cocoa?
  • You have said you will publish feedback annually and a strategic report every three years. When will the first annual report be published and will this include details of how much you have spent on the programme?


Having met with Mondelēz last month, they informed us they would be releasing this information. We have let them know we will be sending them some questions and we will feedback the response.


We also have an opportunity to ask the questions in person when we are delivering the postcards on Friday 18th October, Anti-Slavery Day in London and Sydney.


In the UK we are taking four students who have been involved in the campaign. They are excited about representing all those who have signed postcards and ready to ask Mondelēz some questions face-to-face. Mondelēz have agreed to meet with us to accept the postcards and talk through their plans, which is great!


Will we report back when we know more!


If you haven’t sent back your postcards yet- please do it today! We need to demonstrate the ground-swell of support for this campaign.

Sign up to take part in our Thunderclap, and join over 500 activists to send a simultaneous tweet /Facebook posts to Mondelēz at the same time on Anti-Slavery Day,



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