So You’ve Seen Our Video… So What Now?

Two weeks ago Girls Going Wild In Red Light District went viral and gained a lot of attention worldwide. Here is the story behind the video.

Many of you will have seen our video on YouTube after it was shared a few weeks ago by media company Upworthy.  Views have skyrocketed with 6,683,971 official views and over 50,000 views through YouTube users who have re-uploaded it. [1] 

The video was made by Duval Guillaume Modem, a PR agency in Belgium and focuses on women trafficked into sexual exploitation in the Netherlands. Women who have not chosen to work there but were tricked and deceived.

The video is not a commentary on those who have made a choice; it’s about those who haven’t. 

Esta, STOP THE TRAFFIK Nederland Coordinator comments: 

“We hope that people will do more than just ‘like’ or share this clip. We hope that they will try to find out more about trafficking and what is going on. Because STOP THE TRAFFIK isn’t just about human trafficking in the sex industry.”

Figures estimate that at least 9,000 women have been trafficked into the Netherlands for sexual exploitation.  This is a proportion of an estimated 30,000 victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands for all different types of exploitation including forced labour and domestic servitude . 

This issue is very real and very much happening on our own doorsteps, in the Netherlands, in the UK and in most countries around the world.

We hope this video shocks, we hope it stirs and we hope it moves people to want to take action.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a movement; we are about the actions people can take to prevent human trafficking through campaigning and taking action where they live.

We are not a ‘rescue charity’ although we do work in partnership with those who work directly with victims. 

All people from places around the world, ages, cultures and faiths are a part of STOP THE TRAFFIK. We stimulate and welcome intelligent conversation and debate from all corners; but more than that we want to highlight it, to uncover it. Because this crime thrives in the dark.

Some of the millions of people who have watched it will hopefully have been inspired to get involved and work to prevent human trafficking.

We want people to help Stop the Traffik.

So take action…

There are a few different version of the film out there, our version is below.

[1] Views of the official versions of the video on YouTube, our profile (So You Think You Will Dance?)  and on that of Duval Guillaume, the Communications company who made the video, (Girls Going Wild in Red Light District).

9 thoughts on “So You’ve Seen Our Video… So What Now?


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  3. Mark van der Beer

    Too bad to see also here again false information been given out about Amsterdam’s Red Light District, and human trafficking in prostitution. The numbers that are mentioned here, 9000 victims of human trafficking are far away from the truth.

    First of all, Holland has an estimated 20.000 sex workers. 9000 Victims would come down to 45% of the total estimated number of human trafficking. However, there is no research whatsoever that mentions this number.

    There have been researches by the Dutch police, which came with estimations between 50 to 90% (much higher then the 45% mentioned here), but then again, for the research they’ve only talked to two sex workers(!), and the estimation of 50 to 90% are estimations of individual police officers, when asked how much they estimated where victims of trafficking. Interesting detail here, is the fact that most police officers and detectives refused to answer this questions, since according to most of them it’s impossible to tell.

    All other researches in Holland show numbers that are way lower then the 45% (9000 victims) that are mentioned here. One report mentions 30-40% (close, but no cigar!), and two other researches show numbers of 10% and 8%. Interesting detail about these researches is the fact that the more sex workers the researchers talk to, the lower the estimations in their reports seem to be.
    The report of 30-40% comes from a research which has talked to 8 sex workers (not quite enough for a real scientific research, but at least more then the police report). The report that came with 10% talked to 94 sex workers. And the research that shows 8% have talked to 220 sex workers!

    On top of that comes the fact that every raid the police does in order to fight human trafficking, it shows up with very few results. Many prostitution areas, for instance in Alkmaar but also in Utrecht, have been subjected to these police raids, in which they never arrest more then 3 people for human trafficking, and the number of ‘possible’ victims never go any higher then 4.
    Another interesting detail here, is the fact that of almost every single person that was arrested during these police raids, almost every single suspect was let go because it turned out they had nothing to do with human trafficking.

    The Nationaal Rapporteur itself talks about 1200 victims last year, which is significantly less then the 9000 mentioned here, even though the Nationaal Rapporteur themselves report an increase in the number of victims.
    Interesting detail here is the fact that these 1200 are not really all victims, in fact, many reports come just from routine checks at customs at the airport, and ‘possible’ victims include people like: a Bulgarian woman visiting friends in Amsterdam for 3 days that has nothing to do with prostitution or human trafficking at all! A ‘suspicious’ case of a prostitute coming back to work in Amsterdam and taking a taxi to go home, after being interviewed by customs, etc.

    I could go on and on about the fact that the 9000 victims mentioned here are complete nonsense, and the fact that the video that was made gives out misleading and plain false information. But then again, why would you believe me? Well, I guess you could say that, so I’ll simply say read the words of one of those Eastern European women working in Amsterdam’s Red Light District as a prostitute herself:

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