If you send one postcard this summer



A supporter signs his postcard. When will you sign yours?
A supporter signs his postcard. When will you sign yoursWe want Mondelēz to make Toblerone traffik-free and we need your help!

Here at STOP THE TRAFFIK we have just launched a new postcard campaign for traffik-free Toblerone and we want to work with you to get Mondelēz’s attention.

This summer, we want you to send a postcard to Mondelēz to ask them to take action and give a clear answer to our questions.

We have already sent out an amazing 6,500 postcards and requests are still coming in! It is inspiring to see that many ACTivists are asking for 20 plus postcards and planning to hold events in their schools, faith groups and local communities. We’ve even put together some ideas of how to get as many postcards signed as possible.

Be as creative and wacky as you like. From tea parties to a fancy-dress flash-mob. The more postcards we have, the bigger the impact.

So order your postcards today. Email info@stopthetraffik.org with your name, address and number of cards you would like. Then sign them, stamp them and send them back to us. We will be personally delivering these to Mondelēz’s Office on Thursday 18th October, Anti-Slavery Day. 

And it is as simple as that! 

So what is this all about? 

Thousands of STOP THE TRAFFIK campaigners from around the world have been in touch with Mondelēz (formerly Kraft) since November last year asking two key questions: 

  1.     When will Toblerone be traffik-free?
  2.     When will they release a public timeline committing to certifying the rest of their range?

In November 2012, we welcomed Mondelēz’s announcement that they would invest $400 million to help people in cocoa farming communities. However this ambitious plan had little information on certification or whether this money would be used to prevent child trafficking into cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast.

So we decided to give them a little help. Through our ‘Hey #Mondelēz, this is what a timeline looks like‘ campaign earlier in the year we encouraged Mondelēz to create a timeline for change.

Yet despite an announcement in July this year, Mondelēz have failed to provide any specific targets or deadlines.

So we are asking for more direct action and information. And this is where you come in. Order as many postcards as you like, hold an event, hand them out to friends and family and above all, encourage others to get involved too!

Two supporters proudly show with their signed postcards in London

So if you only send one postcard this summer, make sure it is asking this simple question: 

When will Toblerone be Traffik-Free? 


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