Being An Intern

We’re advertising for an exciting internship in Social Media and Communications, so if you’re interested and want to get the inside scoop on what life is like here, read on…

I joined STOP THE TRAFFIK in March, and in short I’ve absolutely loved my time here. I first heard about human trafficking in detail during my time as a volunteer in Nepal, where it remains a significant problem despite government efforts. It was a very powerful experience for me, especially to realise that there was so much in the world that I was unaware of.

I came back enthused by this, and found myself joining the STT team a month later. The role is in communications, both for STT and its subsidiary Finance Against Trafficking, and this has been my main responsibility. However, because the team is so small and close-knit there is so much more to get involved with. You will have a chance to work closely with all members of the team, on a variety of things – for me this has included scouting locations for a conference, phoning journalists and leafleting in Chelsea.

This sense of being connected with everyone in the team is something you won’t get at your average internship. In order to thrive though, you need to put a lot of yourself into the role. I don’t think I would be as happy with my time here if I’d sat back and done the bare minimum.

I’m in the office three days a week, which gives me enough time in the rest of the week to have a second part-time job. This is important because the role is voluntary, and pays travel expenses only. I guess this is the major drawback, but to be quite honest it’s a much better deal than many charity internships, and the learning benefits make it worth this sacrifice. The location is great too – just next to Waterloo station – and if the sun ever comes out you can eat your lunch in one of the various parks near the office.

So how does typical intern day go? I’ve decided that the role hasn’t quite had enough creative writing opportunities, so I’m going to paint a word picture.

“The intern breezed into the office with a zephyrous burst of energy. Today would be a fantastic day, he decided. Only two more weeks in the vibrant hub of STOP THE TRAFFIK – the thought filled him with foreboding, like dark clouds gathering on the horizon, but there was plenty of sun between now and then.

“He sat down in his swivel chair, performed an artful 360° rotation and opened his emails. A flood of messages washed over him like a spring tide, breaking against the sea wall of his inbox and sloshing back, ready to submerge him again.

“His fingers moved expertly over the keyboard, like a pianist negotiating the final bars of Beethoven’s Hammerklavier, as he filtered the junk, sent out a couple of tweets and sipped at his Fairtrade Macchiato. Within a flash he had dealt with emails and was on to the next task.

“When he thought back to his first week here, he chuckled silently to himself and leaned back in his swivel chair. A mere novice he had been, but how things changed! No time to ruminate though – he had to research for the latest blog post. He gave his chair one more swivel for good luck, put on his proverbial thinking cap and opened up a fresh document.”

If you fancy a diverse range of activities, a small team full of friendly faces and support, and an internship which offers the opportunity to learn and teach – and you can cope with four flights of stairs – this could be for you. Just click the link here and follow the instructions to apply.


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