Last week our CEO Ruth had the honour of travelling to Hamburg to speak at the 34th Kirchentag. This is a five-day gathering of Christians of all ages and backgrounds to discuss burning and important topics of the day.

Ruth sat on two panel discussions, one on human trafficking and the other more specifically on sex trafficking, an area which attracts much attention in Germany. She joined among others an MP, directors of anti-human trafficking charities working in Germany, and the chair of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance – a man with three PhDs!

The discussion was very fruitful, and Ruth came back to the office today full of enthusiasm for the anti-trafficking movement in Germany and potential for expanding STOP THE TRAFFIK’s work over there.

With over 130,000 people passing through the Kirchentag, including 4,000 international visitors, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet others working to combat trafficking and strengthen our anti-trafficking network across the continent.

So if you’re in Germany and you’re passionate about fighting this global crime, like we are, then we are here to provide you with the tools to do so. We’re excited to start our anti-traffik fight in Germany, and if you are too, please get in touch with us on, or via Facebook.


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