GIFT Box Brasil

It’s been eight months since we basked in the golden glow of the London Olympics, and its effect on our happiness and the economy is still being felt. The effect of our UN GIFT Box project is still being felt too, as this post explores…

I want to tell you a story. It involves one man who was inspired by the fight against trafficking to cross continents and bring our vision back with him. It’s a story about why STOP THE TRAFFIK deals in deeds, rather than retreating into rhetoric.

As you may remember, during the London Olympics we carried out GIFT Box, a project delivered in partnership with the UN. We placed a number of installations around the capital, which contained information about various forms of human trafficking inside. They were manned by volunteers, and attracted the attention from residents as well as tourists from the UK and around the world. This resulted in uncovering over 80 suspicious incidents and inspired people to join the movement.

One man’s attention was attracted by our STOP THE TRAFFIK emails, and signed up to be a volunteer. He travelled to London from his native Brazil, and spent the Olympics manning boxes in the capital, educating people about this global crime.

That’s a nice story, isn’t it? Global coordination meets inspired volunteer. Oh, but there’s more. Here’s where it gets good.

We get a phone call a while later from this man, who is a government official in Rio de Janeiro, and he’d like to bring our GIFT Box project to his city. This is big. As sports fans probably know, Rio is hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

After a lot of hard work, with a lot more still to come, STOP THE TRAFFIK is proud to announce GIFT Box Brasil – a collaboration with the government, security and various UN agencies to take the GIFT box to the streets of Rio.

There are some big events coming up this year; a pilot scheme is being run during the Confederations Cup in June. It’s the start of a huge, exciting project and will hopefully mark a new direction for a country which has serious human trafficking problems, notably in forced labour and child sex tourism.

If you would like to learn more about the GIFT Box project in London, check out the website at Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for more updates!


2 thoughts on “GIFT Box Brasil

  1. Great news!! As a social researcher, I’d be interested to know whether you are able to write anything up about the success of the campaign for London 2012?

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