It Happens Here…

Today the Centre for Social Justice released a report “It Happens Here” detailing what they call a ‘shameful’ failure to address human trafficking in the UK. This report calls for a more victim centred approach and comprehensive training of professionals.

If this has caught your attention and you want to know how you can respond in your area of work then read on…
If you’re a frontline worker of professional:
We have always championed a community centred approach. Our ethos is to equip people to know what trafficking is, how it affects them and what they can do about it. We are using this approach to address the knowledge gap through training, effective resources and collaborative working with key stakeholders. We are passionate about engaging the whole community to take responsibility for preventing human trafficking where they live. Two of our current projects are working specifically to educate those who are most likely to be in the right place to identify a potential victim of trafficking, see a situation of exploitation and respond.  

It is not only those with a mandate to work with individuals and families who might be the ones to spot something suspicious or concerning. Many frontline workers enter properties for reasons such as Health & Safety teams, Trade and Licensing, Environmental Health. Although it’s not the core area of their work, they may be one of the few people to see someone who has been trafficked, and therefore one of the few people who could respond. Sense it. Spot it. Stop it. is a new project, made possible by support from the UK Home Office and developed through consultation with professionals. The online and offline resources equip people to identify potential victims of trafficking and make the right referrals leading to the best possible outcome for the vulnerable person.

1). Sense it. Spot it. Stop it – new online resource launching early April at

2).  Sense it. Spot it. Stop it .  2-hour interactive workshops for frontline workers which cover:
•      Human trafficking: the definition and distinctions, UK scale and stories, forms of exploitation and signs
•      Tackling trafficking: international obligations and national responses, prosecution, protection, and prevention
•      How to support and refer potential victims: your role is in preventing it
•      Resources: resources and an online tool that you can use to raise awareness within your team and department
Current dates are; Liverpool 18th March; Hove 20th March; Worthing 21st March; London 25th March
For more information of if you’re interested in booking a place please email Heather Graber on Or email to enquire about booking training sessions for your team / workplace.  
If you’re in the business or finance sector:
Read about Finance Against Trafficking our initiative “Run by business for business”. This project engages businesses in how they can effectively address the risk of human trafficking in their work, including in their supply chain. Our Chain Checker tool and expert advisers will take you on a step-by-step approach to making real effective change. Contact for more info.


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