Choose certified chocolate & campaign for change this Fairtrade Fortnight

Flicking through the Metro this week, I‘ve noticed sprawling two page adverts for Nestle’s two-finger Kit Kat, proudly announcing it’s new status as Fairtrade certified. This is a great step for our campaign, as another iconic chocolate bar becomes certified, and also tied in neatly with the launch of Fairtrade Fortnight on Monday.

This year, the Fairtrade Foundation is calling on the public, business and government to go further in making trade work better for farmers and workers from around the world. The statistics make for pretty grim reading. Many of the world’s hungry are farmers growing crops that end up on our own tables. Whilst we consumers benefit from this food, the producers are unable to make a decent living from it.

The Fairtrade Foundation are petitioning David Cameron to endorse a sustainable food system that improves the lives of smallholder farmers. Such as, cocoa producer Justino Peck in Belize, whose association with the Fairtrade certified company Green & Blacks means he and his wife “can save for the future and educate our children“.

We support the work of certification bodies, such as Fairtrade, whose auditing processes on cocoa supply chains includes decent working conditions. We see certification as a key step in eradicating human trafficking from chocolate supply chains.  Along with Fairtrade, we support Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certification who also also certify chocolate bars. So look for their logos when you’re buying your next sweet treat.

Whilst the Fairtrade Foundation’s petition to David Cameron is a great move, at STOP THE TRAFFIK we believe in the power of communities to affect change too. Chocolate companies recognise this power. While we have been campaigning over the past five year, five big chocolate companies have rolled out certified products in the UK and around the world

You too, can be part of ending human trafficking in the cocoa supply chain simply by choosing certified products and campaigning for change! Read more about our campaign here.


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