Mondeléz – Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

Mondeléz need our help!

Following our campaign for a traffik-free Toblerone last year, the global chocolate giant behind Cadbury and Toblerone announced $400m plans to work against human trafficking and other abuses rife in their cocoa supply chains. This big promise sat alongside huge revenues for the company: $9.5bn at the end of 2012.

Despite the fanfare on announcing their big-budget Cocoa Life sustainability plans in 2012, Mondeléz seem to be a bit stuck on the specifics. No targets, no deadlines. Perhaps they’re not familiar with the old saying: ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.

Perhaps with a little help they can set themselves some targets, starting with a clear deadline for traffik-free Toblerone. We would like to know when they plan to certify their entire chocolate range starting with Toblerone; the plans should be realistic but ambitious, so we know they mean business!

Why not join us in showing Mondeléz what a timeline looks like? Just take a picture of a timeline you use – a work project plan, the calendar on your fridge, your diary, a study timetable, a Gantt chart or your social schedule… and send it to Mondeléz with the message, “Hey #Mondelez, this is what a timeline looks like…

Tweet it, email it to us to share on our website and social media, or spread the word by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ our posts with your friends on Facebook!

Let’s Help Mondeléz back up their big talk with big targets!

Find out more about our campaign, including what we’re asking chocolate companies to do and why.


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