An Exciting New Project…

We’re happy to announce a new project from STOP THE TRAFFIK in the UK…

Along with our partners at Sea Communications, we’ve been selected by the UK government to develop new victim-centred training tools for frontline professionals to better identify and report human trafficking. Congratulations to NSPCC, Eaves, Thames Reach and the Counter Trafficking Bureau who have also received funding.

Frontline professionals are often well placed to identify human trafficking. Indeed, it’s plain to many that a police officer, doctor or social worker  might have suspicions of trafficking from time to time: domestic reports, sketchy personal records, poor physical health, overzealous “relatives” (etc.). It is not surprising then that existing trafficking-awareness training tends to be targeted at such groups.

However, there are many other frontline professions where tell-tale signs of trafficking might emerge in common interaction and visits, including Health and Safety, Trading & Licensing and Environmental Health. What might appear to the untrained eye as a mere code violation – an overcrowded property, unlicensed business, or undocumented workforce for example – might also point to something more sinister.

With our new “victim-centred” training initiative, we will be seeking to equip frontline professionals and works to identify and report potential cases of trafficking in their communities. In turn, we anticipate that this will result in an increase in the quantity and quality of trafficking referrals to support services and the NRM (National Referrals Mechanism).

We look forward to sharing more with you as the project progresses! More details are available on the UK Home Office website.


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