New Year: Resolution Vs Disillusion

2012 has passed, thankfully with no Apocalypse to speak of. Still, it’s an ominous moment for many of us: the season to be jolly is breathing it’s last, and the fearful season of resolutions has begun…

If you’re anything like me, New Year’s Resolutions are heavy-handed and short-lived. Determined as a drunk uncle’s dancing on New Year’s Eve, but as stale as a leftover vol-au-vents when the celebrations are over.

It’s fitting that January takes its name from the two-faced Roman God, Janus. It’s a time when most of us aspire to great things, and yet, for every fitness fanatic born on New Year’s Eve, there are a dozen disillusioned couch potatoes come February.

After all, talk is cheap, and treadmills are tiresome.

In the fight against human trafficking, Barack Obama has made his own resolution of sorts recently. Declaring January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the USA, he invited his fellow citizens to join the effort:

“I call on businesses, organizations, faith-based groups, families, and all Americans to recognize the vital role we can play in ending all forms of slavery and observe this month with appropriate programs and activities.”

In similar fashion, December saw billionaire businessman and philanthropist Andrew Forrest step up a similar challenge to the business community through his anti-slavery organisation, Walk Free, which has called on global industry to sign a pledge to combat slave labour in their supply chains.

These are brilliant resolutions, so let’s hope they’re light on the talk and heavy on the treadmill! Whether as governments, businesses, communities or individuals, let’s resolve to make 2013 a year when we keep our promises in the fight against human trafficking.

If you’d like to know more about tangible steps your business can take to combat and prevent human trafficking in 2013, visit or email

Happy New Year!


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