Tag a Pressie, Make It Merry!

I’ve always loved Christmas. These days, I’d struggle to list the vast array of things I love about this season. Carols … TV repeats … even Brussels sprouts! When I was little, things were much more simple. Christmas was about two things: getting presents, and eating chocolate.

On one particularly snowy Christmas day, my Dad had prepared a fancy lunch for a multitude of guests who never arrived. To my seven-year-old delight, the neglected spread included a foot-high pyramid of my favourite chocolates, dazzling like gold in their shiny wrappers. In the absence of guests, I wolfed down almost all of them. Needless to say, my stomach had its revenge a few hours later.

Apparently I’m not the only one who acquires a Santa belly at this time of year. It’s said that the average person will gain up to half a stone of extra weight this Christmas thanks to a steady diet of chocolate, mince pies and other festive treats!

Of course, as many an advert, parable or soppy Christmas single reminds us, Christmas doesn’t have to be all about stuffing our faces (or stockings). From the people sharing your turkey to the people harvesting your cocoa, giving can be the most exciting thing of all.

So what can you give besides your wonderfully calorific Christmas goodies this year? You can give the gift of knowledge.

If you’re giving chocolate that is Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certified* this year, attach one of our gloriously festive traffik-free tags. This is a great way to share the reasons behind your choice with your loved ones.

As they munch merrily on their chocolate they can consider how they might choose differently next time they’re stocking up on chocolate.

We’d love to see your #traffikfreetags in action – send us the pictures of your perfectly wrapped presents via Twitter, Facebook or email, and we’ll be giving our own gift of a STOP THE TRAFFIK book for the picture that wows us the most.

Grab a bar of traffik-free and get wrapping!


Download: Traffik-free Christmas tags (standard)

Download: Traffik-free Christmas tags (print-friendly)

*Certification of cocoa beans is leading on the prevention of trafficked child labour in the cocoa supply chain and changing an industry


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