Mondelēz announces $400m investment in sustainable cocoa

STOP THE TRAFFIK welcomes yesterday’s announcement from Mondelēz that they will be investing $400 million over ten years to help people in cocoa farming communities. This has the potential to change the lives of children being exploited, and to prevent children being trafficked onto cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast in future.

Whilst welcoming such an ambitious plan, more details on transparency throughout the supply chain from source to consumer is required. The announcement from Mondelēz does not mention the certification of cocoa beans. Therefore, we are interested to review the full details of their plan once published to find out how they propose to audit and monitor human trafficking on the cocoa plantations in their supply chain. We are also interested in how Mondelēz plans to spend the $400 million in question; i.e. work on the ground vs. project overheads.

This seems like a strong step and an ambitious plan from the world’s biggest buyer of cocoa. However, the proof is in the chocolate bar and the plan will depend on the detail.

In particular, Mondelēz have yet to mention the certification of their most well-known chocolate bar and focal point of our recent campaign, Toblerone. Our question to Mondelēz: is Traffik-Free Toblerone part of your plans, and if so, when can we expect to see it on our shelves?

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