Dr Kraft and Mr Mondelēz?


The name Kraft that you know so well from being stamped on all kinds of popular foodstuffs, from Dairylea cheese to Dairy Milk chocolate, has decided to do some shape shifting.

The artist formerly known as Kraft, who seem reluctant to clean up their trafficking-friendly cocoa supply chains in the Ivory Coast, have recently announced a decision to split their burgeoning snack empire from their grocery range, with a new company by the name of Mondelēz- a hybrid of Latin and Spanish words ‘monde’ and ‘delez’ (‘world-delicious?’).

In the words of a recent cologne commercial, “times change and we change with them”, and in this instance that means we have a few more syllables to remember as we continue to campaign against ill-gotten chocolate: mon-de-leez.

So, Mondelēz please tell us when Toblerone and the rest of your chocolate range will be Traffik-Free?

Join the campaign for Traffik-Free Toblerone

One thought on “Dr Kraft and Mr Mondelēz?

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