Where does the buck stop?

The stark link between big business and human trafficking was hard to ignore this week in the Guardian report of ‘trafficked and beaten’ workers collecting chickens for Freedom foods.

In a joint operation between Kent police, the GLA and the Serious Organised Crime Agency 30 Lithuanian workers were liberated from a gangmaster company in Kent. The workers are said to have worked up to 17 hours per a shift, sleeping for days at a time in vans, and some weeks no paid at all. The gangmasters company provided eggs and chickens as part of a chain that supplied household names including McDonald’s, Tesco, Asda and M&S to name a few.                

So what can big companies do to mitigate the business risks of trafficking in their supply chain?

Finance Against Trafficking, a project of STOP THE TRAFFIK brings together players from the business and finance sector to address this question and find some real workable solutions. Join us on Wednesday 28th November for the Finance Against Trafficking Conference.

 Find out more here and register here


2 thoughts on “Where does the buck stop?

  1. This is why the Private Members – Transparency in UK Company Supply Chains (Eradication of Slavery) Bill, presented by Michael Connarty MP and backed by Unseen and WalkFree is vital on this issue. You can join the online campaign to urge the Prime Minister to support this bill here http://www.walkfree.org/en/actions/UKtransparencybill or you can download a draft letter to David Cameron from our website http://unseenuk.org

    The bill requires all companies with a turnover of in excess of £100 million GBP to declare on their websites and in their Annual Reports what they are doing to eradicate human trafficking/modern slavery in their supply and product chains as well as their business practices.

    Support is growing from within the business community, investment funds, churches as well as concerned individuals and consumers and in less than a week 5000 plus letters have been written to David Cameron asking him to support the bill.

    So why not take action today, sign the petition and write the letter and bring about a fundamental change in the eradication of modern slavery.

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