Okay, Nestle. We’ll take a break…

With the announcement that as of 2013, Kit Kat two-finger in the UK and Ireland will join its four-finger sibling in going Fairtrade!

It’s busy work, pressuring companies to weed out trafficking in their supply chains. Today, for a moment, we can have a quick break and celebrate; from next year we no longer have to hold up the two-fingered Kit Kat to Nestle and ask ‘why oh why can’t this be Traffik-Free?’ As of 2013, the two-finger Kit Kat will be made with Fairtrade certified cocoa beans.

With this move, Nestle is doubling the amount of cocoa it sources responsibly. Nestle said:

“From 2013, a total of more than 1.2 billion Kit Kats every year will carry the Fairtrade mark, supporting over 7,000 Ivorian cocoa farmers.”

It’s been said that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. This step from Nestle is certainly an encouraging one, and let’s hope there are many more to follow! It’s great to know that as of next year, a break with a Kit Kat doesn’t come at someone else’s expense.

This move by Nestle demonstrates that a big brand doesn’t have to be slow in embracing fair conditions for its suppliers. And we’re making it our mission to remind the big names to put their people above their profits. You can get involved by checking out our campaign to get Kraft to take similar steps: When Will Toblerone Be Traffik-Free?

So Kraft, what are you waiting for? Why not raise the bar a little further?

On a serious note, we welcome news like this, because we believe certification of cocoa beans is a key step in eradicating child trafficking and the worst forms of child labour from the cocoa industry supply chain. If you’re new to the subject, check out this video to learn more.

This announcement just goes to show that consumer conscience is a powerful thing. Remember that the more you spread the word, the more  people will choose ethically-sourced chocolate over uncertified bars. The more we vote with our feet, the more companies like Nestle and Kraft will listen.


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