Anti-slavery day and Travis Bickle…connect the dots

Only one more sleep till anti-slavery day! Hopefully you’re all geared up and ready to join with us for this global day of action to combat trafficking.

If the above picture has thrown you into a blind panic wondering WHAT on earth STOP THE TRAFFIK is asking of its activists, then take a breath and settle down. We’re not, you’ll be glad to know, asking you to hijack a taxi and take to the streets vigilante style, shave your hair into a mawk and draw a little De Nero beauty spot on your cheek.

In fact it’s pretty much the opposite. We want our activists to hit the streets, and specifically their local taxi ranks, armed not with anger issues, but with stickers, smiles, and maybe a cup of tea and a biccie.

Taxi drivers LOVE to chat. Five minutes in the back of a taxi and you’ve probably got enough material for your first novel.  So head to your local taxi rank, crack out the chocolate hob nobs, and just chat.

Why? Well partly because it’s nice to be nice, but, primarily, because taxi drivers are in a unique position to spot potential incidences of trafficking. They see all sorts of things and encounter all sorts of people.  Because of this taxi drivers could provide the vital link that enables someone to escape a situation of trafficking.

A number of cases have come to light in which taxis have been used to transport victims of trafficking to and from situations where they have been abused. We want to make sure that taxi drivers are in the know about what trafficking is, what the indicators are, and how to report any concerns or suspicions that they might have about an individual being transported in their cab.

Loads of activists will be heading to their busiest local taxi rank tomorrow to coincide with anti-slavery day. However, if this is the first you’ve heard of it you haven’t missed the boat. The campaign will be on-going. So check out the ‘Taxi’s Against Trafficking’ page on the website for more info, order some taxi stickers, download any resources you’d like to use such as the Taxi driver questionnaire, rope together some friends or colleagues and get started.

So far we have created Taxi stickers for the UK, Ireland and Gambia with country specific reporting information and service numbers. If you would like to take the campaign forward where you are, get in touch with us at and we can adapt the sticker to make it relevant for your country.

For those of you who are prepped and ready to go tomorrow, GOOD LUCK! Send in any photos from the day and for tweeters out there include the hashtag #taxisagainsttrafficking.

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