Obama throws the spotlight on Human Trafficking

When I called Obama and asked if he would mention human trafficking in his address, I didn’t know if he would go for it, but he did agree to the BBQ a week on Sunday.

 However, it went out there, and three cheers went up in the office as the president of the United States brought human trafficking to the top of the agenda.

Speaking at the Clinton Global initiative on Tuesday, Obama threw the spotlight on human trafficking as an issue which cannot be ignored or fall on the sidelines any longer. Human trafficking is a global problem which requires us to take collective responsibility and make combating it an absolute priority.

“It ought to concern every person, because it is a debasement of our common humanity.  (President Obama September 25, 2012)

 We (particularly those of us in the West) often consider ours to be a world which has made great leaps forward in the near two centuries since the legal abolition of slavery. Yet human trafficking is a greater problem than it has ever been in global history; slavery continues and thrives with more men, women and children living as slaves than ever before. For nations which elevate our-selves as champions of human rights it is increasingly difficult and inexcusable to brush human trafficking under the rug. 

Thanks Barack! Extra special barbequed veggie burger coming your way.

To find out how to get involved and take action visit www.stopthetraffik.org


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