Proud nominees of a Charity Times award!



As the Olympic flame is extinguished and our champions hang up their Team GB gear, here at STOP THE TRAFFIK we’re just getting warmed up and we’re in the running for an accolade of a different kind.

We’re excited to announce that STOP THE TRAFFIK has been shortlisted for the Charity Times Big Society Award.  The nomination is in recognition of STOP THE TRAFFIK as a global movement operating at grassroots level which, since its birth in 2006, has been pioneering in raising the profile of trafficking and in developing a unique community response to combat it.

So what does ‘Big Society’ mean to you? You might associate it with the Cameron campaign. For us it’s a throwback to something we’ve been calling ‘Community Action’.

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s twist on a notion of ‘Big Society’ is all about the power that individuals of any age, from every background, and across all sectors of society have when they join together to take action against trafficking.

So do you know whats happening in your community ? On your doorstep ? Would you recognise trafficking if it crossed your path ?

We’re talking about the fastest growing transnational crime and one of the most serious organised illegal activities challenging human rights in the world today. The scale of the problem can leave us overwhelmed, deflated and, consequently, motionless.

The pieces are moving and at the moment we might look like the underdogs. But we’ve got a trick up our sleeve and if we pull it off we’ll leave the other side reeling.

So what’s the secret? The power move?  I could attempt to spin off a rousing call to arms in the style of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, but I’m not that eloquent and would ultimately end up sounding a little ridiculous.  So I’ll keep it simple. The power move we have is you and I. All of us as part of numerous networks; our workplaces, universities, mums & tots groups, aqua aerobics classes, poker clubs, social media platforms,  families, friends etc etc . We can become catalysts for change as we reach out to those we meet to share the knowledge and plant seeds of activism.

The lifeblood of trafficking as a growing crime is its necessarily hidden nature. It creeps alongside us in quiet ways. What if we could throw light across it? Would we be able to stall its growth and begin to see it wither under the glare?

If more communities are equipped to recognise and respond to trafficking we can begin to close the walls in around traffickers and to create a hostile environment where it is harder for them to hide themselves and their victims. Some might call it big society; we’ll keep calling it community action. Either way, it doesn’t work without you.

Sign up and be part of it


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