Are you going to the Olympics? We are!

The Queens’ Golden Jubilee this weekend is a tiny insight into the madness and mayhem we are about to witness with the Olympics just around the corner. Yes, the countdown is on! In just 56 days’ time over 9 million people will descend on our capital to watch the world’s best athletes compete.

It is an amazing opportunity for those who have made it, but we are focused on who else might see it as an opportunity. Fact: human trafficking takes place in London today. The facts we don’t know are whether the crowds and chaos this summer will give traffickers a helping hand.

So we are competing. Our race is to ensure that every person knows about human trafficking, every person can safe guard themselves and others, and every person is able to identify someone who may be vulnerable or at risk and know what to do. We hope to do this through our GIFT box.

Picture of the GIFT box

The GIFT box is a huge walk-in piece of public art. Disguised as a gift, the idea is to lure people into the box, just as victims of trafficking are often lured into their situation with false promises. Once inside they will learn, as victims of trafficking do, that all is not what it seems.

We know awareness and action can make a difference


Adam was 11 when he was taken from Nigeria and brought to London to stay with ‘Auntie’ who he’d never met before. Adam was forced into domestic servitude and regularly beaten.

Eventually, Auntie kicked him out and he was homeless. Adam met Tim, a youth worker, and told him his story. Tim immediately realised that Adam had been trafficked, He had been to a STOP THE TRAFFIK event so he knew what human trafficking was and what to do.

With STOP THE TRAFFIK’s help, Adam was placed in a safe house and has just been given the right to remain in the UK.

Through our box we want more people like Tim to be able to recognise the signs of trafficking and take action to protect people like Adam. The more boxes we can build the better!

So put aside worrying about congested tube lines and frantically planning a new route to work and instead help us BUILD A BOX. Donate now

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