Did you find traffik-free Easter eggs?

STOP THE TRAFFIK activists around the world have been telling us how difficult it is to buy Traffik-Free Easter eggs this year from their local supermarkets.

So together we are calling on all supermarkets to fill their shelves with traffik-free Easter eggs in 2013.

Supermarkets are placing orders for Easter 2013.

Now is the moment to tell them what we want to buy.

Why traffik-free?:  STOP THE TRAFFIK are deeply concerned about the thousands of children trafficked onto cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast. We know that children are trapped in the worst forms of exploitative labour throughout the West African cocoa industry where two thirds of the world’s cocoa is sourced.¹

How can you tell its traffik-free?:  You can tell your chocolate is traffik free because there are certification logos such as Fairtrade, Rainforest or UTZ on the wrapper or packages of your egg or bar.

If there isn’t a certification logo on the chocolate egg then you don’t know if it’s traffik-free.

STOP THE TRAFFIK are giving supermarkets and shops a year to fill their shelves with traffik free Easter eggs for 2013.

Make sure they know you care.

A year is a long time if you have been trafficked onto a cocoa farm.  


1). Download, personalise & give this letter to your shop manager

2). Post this image on your  facebook & twitter 

3). Find out more about child trafficking in the chocolate industry Chocolate & Human Trafficking Fact Sheet Apr 2012

¹  International Labour Organisation: “Combatting Child Labour In Cocoa Production”, 2005, page 3


One thought on “Did you find traffik-free Easter eggs?

  1. Ann Seeley

    From necessity I do all my grocery shopping online. Is there an e-alternative to the letter to hand to local shopkeepers about stocking Traffik-free Easter Eggs next year? This year I bought mine from ethicalsuperstore.com as Tesco haven’t stocked any (in my delivery centre).

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