Football in Cameroon: Stories of Recruitment, Deceit and Exploitation

Just recently a report by Sky Sports News has been released on what they call Cameroon ‘Football’s slave trade’. We strongly urge you to read their story as well as look at their shocking video uncovering the illegal trade of young male footballers.

Cameroon is known particularly in the African continent for its heroic football players. These players are symbols of a better life for many young boys and men who dream to be signed on by notorious football clubs so they can provide a better life for themselves and their family. Sadly a cruel twist has added itself to shatter these dreams. An increasing number of men pose as football agents and ship these youngsters to Europe on the false promise of a lucrative playing contract. Yet what shocks STOP THE TRAFFIK even more is that some traffickers don’t even need to pretend to be football agents as they are football agents.

Although these young men may not be trafficked for forced labour or sexual exploitation, many of them are left homeless and destitute in cities across Europe. What’s more these men have to give large sums of money to their traffickers which not only destroy their lives but the ones of their family who helped them – driven in absolute poverty. On Thursday sky news talked to STOP THE TRAFFIK on what cud be done to stop this. We also talked about the work of AMBASSADORS N SPORTS who are working to create TRAFFIK FREE FOOTBALL ACADEMIES in South Africa. To get more involved go to

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