STOP THE TRAFFIK: Working together for positive change. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!

Running late, I rush to the tube spilling half of my tea on the way squeezing myself just in time to enter the closing doors. After a few stops and still many more to go I realize I’ve forgotten my iPod at home.  I suddenly start feeling rather annoyed with the world – I’m sure you know the feeling. As I brusquely enter the office with no time to put my coat down the phone rings. It is a journalist who would like to know more about STOP THE TRAFFIK’s role because he’s interested in raising awareness against human trafficking.

I instantly forget all my trivial morning miseries and remember why I’m here and how lucky STOP THE TRAFFIK staff are – to witness the huge array of wonderful people who are all so passionate about preventing human trafficking. Although STOP THE TRAFFIK has witnessed the suffering that comes from human trafficking we are optimistic change is possible – in fact it is already occurring. From our amazing Active Community against Trafficking Groups who put so much into creating an untied prevention front in their neighbourhoods, to the individual activists who have joined our chocolate campaign and sent off letters to Nestle as well as our lead Activist Leanne who is setting up STOP THE TRAFFIK in Taiwan. There is also super-mom Mel – an outstanding yet down to earth ACT member in Northern Ireland who’s raising awareness in trafficking in her community by helping medical staff and patients learn to recognise trafficking signs. Let’s also not forget those who support STOP THE TRAFFIK financially, who without their help STOP THE TRAFFIK wouldn’t be able to achieve all that it’s doing, and there is you – our brilliant blog followers!  This changes the anti-trafficking landscape drastically which is such a positive change because there are so many areas of work related to human trafficking that needs to be addressed.

I find inspiration from working in an office full of brilliant women who inspire me every day with their individual skills and personalities that they bring.  Ruth, our CEO, arrives every morning straight off her Boris bike, a quick dust down before heading into her first meeting, committing so much time, energy and drive that people can’t help but be swept along.  Although it’s International Women’s day it has to be said that our two male colleagues aren’t half bad either!

We’re at a moment in history where we can make an incredible difference in our local communities, in our provinces, in our countries. So here in sunny London and wherever you are, it’s time to put a smile on your face and celebrate international women’s day in style. Because really, although there’s still a long way to go in abolishing today’s modern slave trade –progress is arising. And today STOP THE TRAFFIK would like to remind you of some of these positive changes and just simply wish you a happy women’s day!


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