“Modern Slavery”- How can you combat it??

The BBC and Radio 4 today reported a story of British men being deceived into leaving the UK, transported to other European countries and forced into 14 hour days of hard labour with no pay.  This is human trafficking.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16836065.

The investigation shows how these men were preyed upon by trafficking gangs because of their vulnerability, with a promise of well paid work in a new country.  They left their communities and were trafficked to rural communities in Northern European countries such as, Sweden, Norway and Belgium.

The BBC were asking; What is the response? What can be done to combat this?

Raising awareness and developing strong community cohesion is the key to tackling trafficking.  If people are aware of the signs and know what to look for then traffickers won’t be able to operate and trafficked people won’t live undetected for so long.

STOP THE TRAFFIK provides amazing training  for front line professionals who may come in contact with trafficked people, but either don’t know the signs or don’t know what to do when they come across it.  The training is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the impact of trafficking on the victims and local communities. It also offers practical advice of how to spot the signs, and what you can do in a professional and personal capacity to combat it. In March we will be providing training across the Southeast of England. See the attachment for more details and how to register.  Southeast training briefing

In 2011 STOP THE TRAFFIK delivered 7 community roadshows in Sussex, Surrey, Hertfordshire, West Midlands, and London.  Over 500 people learnt from police officers, social workers, and charities about human trafficking and the 2012 Olympics, how their area is affected, and what they can do about it. In 2012 more community roadshows are planned:


BARNET: Woodhouse College, Woodhouse Road, Barnet, London N12 9EY

Monday 13th February, 10am-1pm

KENT: Global Generation Centre, Unit 2 Westwood Industrial Estate, Strasbourg Street, Margate, Kent CT9 4JJ

Wednesday 22nd February, 6:30-8:30pm

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE: University of Nottingham, Pope Building A14, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD

Wednesday 29th February, 2-5pm

EALING: Grand Union Village Community Facilities, 1st Floor, Weaver House, Higham Mews, Northolt, London UB5 6FP

Tuesday 24th April, 4-7pm

To register for one of these roadshows, email act@stopthetraffik.org with your name, email and location you will be attending. Come and be informed, inspired, and equipped to act against human trafficking in the Olympic year.  


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