CNN’s Freedom Project- Chocolate’s Child Slaves.

CNN’s Chocolate’s Child Slaves debuts tonight at 8pm as part of their Freedom Project.  They are dedicated to continuing to expose trafficking in the chocolate industry. We have been working with them on this, and Antonie from STOP THE TRAFFIK is speaking on the panel as part of the live section of the show so watch it!

One of the big questions we often get asked via email and facebook, is what can I do to help and how can my actions have an impact.  One of the most important things to remember is that many people still have no idea that the chocolate bar they buy from their local shop could be directly linked to human trafficking. So we must tell others and get them involved …

STOP THE TRAFFIK are asking you to host a Chocolate fondu party.  Invite your friends, family, neighbours and co- workers, have a big bowl of chocolate and show the CNN programme about trafficking in the Ivory Coast. If you see chocolate with the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ logo then you know that it is traffik free and perfect for the fondu pot.  You can download the fondu party resources at

Now that’s just our idea, if you have any ideas of how to get people involved and talking about it then post it on our blog or on our facebook page, and spread the word!

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