CNN’s Chocolate’s Child Slaves- Oasis Academy sum it up.

Privileged! Not a word we necessarily associate with trafficking in the Chocolate industry, but for an Oasis Academy student in South London, that’s exactly how she felt when she learned that thousands of children are trafficked into the Ivory Coast and harvest the beans that go into making our chocolate.

In just an hour the students decided that they were going to eat traffik free chocolate and tell the whole school what they have learned.

It will take you one hour to watch the programme on Friday at 8pm GMT and then you can decide what action you are going to take to tackle this issue.   You can watch the preview here,

Chocolate’s Child Slaves premieres Friday 20th January 2012: 8.00pm GMT, 9.00pm CET.

Additional air times include:

Saturday 21st January 2012: 2.00pm GMT, 3.00pm CET.                                           

Sunday 22nd January 2012: 02.00am GMT, 3.00am CET, 07.30am GMT, 8.30am CET, 10.30am GMT, 11.30am CET and 9.30pm GMT, 10.30pm CET.

Tuesday 24th January 2012: 04.00am GMT, 05.00am CET, 10.30am GMT, 11.30am CET, 5.30pm GMT, 6.30pm CET. 


3 thoughts on “CNN’s Chocolate’s Child Slaves- Oasis Academy sum it up.

  1. Anonymous

    Help people that need your help imagin your self in this situation

    would you to be a slave?
    we have a privilage to have every thing we want and we exspect more tthink aboutt otthers

    by oriana from oasis academy

    1. Hi Oriana, You were all absolutely fantastic the other day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and hope you got chance to watch the CNN program.

  2. Anonymous

    your report was really sucsesful and thank you for your visit at oasis academy i enjoyed looking at you with your smart clothes at the well don thank you debeit this situation!!!

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