Keep your New Years Resolution – Give a Freedom Ticket for Life.

Broken your New Year’s resolution yet? Well if you have you’re probably not the only one. Apparently 17th January is officially the day that everybody breaks their New Year’s resolutions. It’s hard to drum up the energy to set off into the cold dark night on a run or go to a sweaty, over-crowded gym…

 …but don’t give in just yet, we have a solution!

 What you need is the right motivation. Running might be good for you but it could be even better for someone else – you can give someone a Freedom Ticket for Life.

Large Freedom Ticket for Life LogoFreedom Ticket for Life supports projects around the world which offer education for girls who are at risk of being trafficked.  We know that one of the best ways to reduce vulnerability to trafficking is through education. We need you to get involved and raise the money needed for these projects. So why not turn your keeping fit resolution into a sponsored run, walk or cycle! Give yourself a sponsorship or distance target (much easier when you have something to aim for), and get others involved, it’s motivational to have a bit of competition! Get a group of family, friends or work colleagues to take part in the run or help raise awareness.  Either have a look to see if there is one you can join in your local area, or create your own.  All the information and resources you will need are available on our website  Send us your pictures or videos of how you get on, seeing your picture might just be the thing to motivate someone else!  Email us at; Good luck and just think, keep running and you can enjoy that Traffik-Free chocolate bar guilt free!

One thought on “Keep your New Years Resolution – Give a Freedom Ticket for Life.

  1. Good post. I’ve shared the fb link. When my daughter came back from her mission trip in Mexico she shared alot with me about what goes on and it broke my heart. Thank you for spreading the word. (and of course, God’s word as well).

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