New Anti-Trafficking Film to be Released!

“Every year, an estimated 2,000,000 children are commercially sexually exploited…

… 500,000 of these children are in India”

(Freedom Firm).

Ben Stamper’s new film, Horse and Rider: Freedom for the Daugthers of India, tells the remarkable true story about about two victims of trafficking in India and their road to freedom and recovery.

The film features the work of the organisation Freedom Firm  as they prepare for rescue operations, interview families of trafficked girls and help to re-integrate these girls back into society.

Click on the photograph below to view the trailer of Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider  will be released in March 2012 however, with a small donation, you can pro-order your copy now!

Indian, US and World Donors can pre-order the film here.

UK Donors can pre-order the film here.

Those interested in hosting a screening of the film can email  for more information.


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