Christmas shopping with a conscience…

With the month of December well and truly upon us, I took a day off from work at STOP THE TRAFFIK this week to go Christmas shopping with my mum. Despite it being bitterly cold, I took the plunge and threw myself at the festive bandwagon, getting lost amongst Paperchase’s brightly coloured baubles and Habitat’s pointless (but undeniably pretty) homely nick nacks…

The whole experience got me thinking, however, is there a way of doing our Christmas shopping so that our purchases don’t simply generate profit for the high street chains?

Is there a way of reconcilling our indulgent consumer desires with our moral impulses?

As a consumer I always experience that  pinch of guilt at the check-out counter – not only at the thought of my quickly receding bank balance but also at those niggling questions: how was this product made? Where is my money going? Am I contributing to exploitation and suffering?

Luckily, guilt-free shopping is becoming an option for the ethical consumer.

STOP THE TRAFFIK has joined with a number small businesses who, through their products,  raise money to help prevent human trafficking.

Something Precious

Buy something precious and do something precious.

Specialising in contemporary handmade porcelain jewellery, for every item sold £1 goes directly to support STOP THE TRAFFIK

      Heaven’s Attic

Heaven’s Attic support a number of anti-trafficking organisations, including
STOP THE TRAFFIK. Consumers are able to specify which charity they’d
like their money to go towards.
To choose STOP THE TRAFFIK use code ‘STT07’ at the checkout.


Freeset is a fair trade business that offers employment to women trapped in Kolkata’s sex trade in India. By offering women high wages and the opportunity to learn a skill, the Freeset project helps to empower women with the choice to escape the sex trade.

Freeset have produced a STOP THE TRAFFIK bag.  Click on the link for information on how to buy one…


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