Have yourself a Traffik-free Christmas!

Well… the month of December is finally upon us so it’s time to officially  start getting excited for all things festive!

Here at STOP THE TRAFFIK we want you to have a wonderful Traffik-free Christmas so we’ve come up with a stocking-full of  suggestions for festive fundraising and more.  Take a look…

Host a festive raffle:

Download our STOP THE TRAFFIK Christmas raffle tickets (right) each one is a mini-petition! By buying a raffle ticket, people are joining the STOP THE TRAFFIK chocolate campaign; you can entice them with a Traffik-free chocolate prize! Sendthe raffle tickets, along with the money raised from the raffle, to us after your party and we’ll add the sign-ups to our global campaign.

No need for wrapping paper:

This year, why not wrap your presents in newspaper instead? Donate the money you’ve saved on wrapping paper to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Organise a festive fondue party:

Everyone loves a bit of chocolate at Christmas, but let’s make sure that all of our Christmassy choc is free from child trafficking and exploitation. Make it Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ.

Host a fondue party with your friends, colleagues or community and enjoy some delicious

Traffik-free chocolate whilst also raising awareness. You could even save your chocolate wrappers and send them, along with a Christmas card, to your favourite chocolate company asking them to clean up their supply chains.

For a fondue pack visit www.stopthetraffik.org/resources/chocolate/fondueparty.aspx

Christmas Quiz:

Everyone loves a Christmassy quiz (here in the office we did one yesterday!) Why not include a round on the chocolate industry to get everyone’s brains ticking and to spread the word about this global injustice.

Make your own traffik-free advent calender:

It’s not too late to make your own advent calender. Each new window  opened can tell the story of a child trafficked onto cocoa farms in West Africa and each day the treat can be a small piece of traffik-free chocolate!

Set up a message tree:

Ask your work colleagues / school friends to tie their Yule tide messages to the Christmas tree rather than sending everyone a Christmas card. Donate the money you’ve saved to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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