Nestlé announce more bars will be traffik-free by 2014!

Great news for chocolate lovers around the world…

Nestlé have, today, announced a new Cocoa Plan commitment which will see some of its most popular chocolate bars UTZ certified by 2014. Horrar!

Here is a break down of Nestlé’s chocolate commitment:


ALL KITKAT bars will be UTZ CERTIFIED by 2014

Australia & New Zealand:

Currently KitKat chocolate bars are fully UTZ CERTIFIED, however by 2014 they will be joined by Smarties and Club bars.


Nestlé have committed to ensuring that KitKat, AERO, Coffee Crisp and Smarties are all UTZ CERTIFIED by 2014!

Check out BBC News at 10pm TONGIHT for Humphrey Hawksley’s report!

9 thoughts on “Nestlé announce more bars will be traffik-free by 2014!

  1. Gail Commandeur

    I don’t understand: why UTZ Certified? It’s a promising move in the right direction sure to establish a minimum requirement. But Fair Trade ensures that plantations must also ensure that there is no forced or child labour and that health and safety requirements are met as well as getting the workers a minimum wage, which is exactly the issue here. Although UTZ does require workers are protected by national laws and ILO conventions regarding age, working hours, pensions, working conditions, collective bargaining and safety, so does that protect children from being used as child labour? You would say yes due to national law regarding age. However no mention of a minimum wage…

    1. R. B.

      Indeed. From what I can understand, UTZ is a watered down version of Fairtrade. How did one website put it? As a way for companies to “exploit the ethical market”? ( It seems to me as if Nestle is once again just dodging their responsibility and trying to get away with doing as little as they can.That seems to be the impression I’m getting, though I could be mistaken.

      1. antonie

        Hi all, Antonie Fountain, the global coordinator of STT’s chocolate campaign here.

        Both Fair Trade and UTZ Certified have their stronger and weaker points. But both have ‘no trafficked or other worst forms of child labour’ as a non-negotiable core part of their Code of Conduct. Though they have different approaches, both certifiers are in fact as close to a Traffik Free Guarantee as we can find at the moment.

        I spend a lot of time talking to both UTZ and Fair Trade about how they can raise the bar for themselves, but as an organisation we are happy to endorse both as good tools.

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  3. Anonymous

    Where did the raffle tickets go that were on here to print and have people sign? It was for Stop the Traffik” about the chocolate. I have signed tickets I want to send and more I would like to get signed. anyone know? please help me

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