British sex gangs documentry on tonight

Dispatches documentry tonight at 10.30, channel 4 investigating British gangs grooming young girls for sex.

The programme highlights the grooming of young girls for sexual exploitation, an issue linked closely to internal trafficking.

True Vision describe the film on their website;

Later this month the Minister for Children and Families will launch an action plan outlining what the coalition proposes to do to tackle the problem of sex gangs grooming then abusing vulnerable children and young adults on the streets of Britain.

Recent research suggest that thousands of children are potentially being abused by street grooming gangs: and this may only be tip of the iceberg, as experts believe many crimes of this nature go unreported, partly because of sensitivities over race.

Dispatches reveals that over the last four years a disproportionately high number of men convicted of these crimes are British Pakistani.   Our investigation also shows this type of crime has been going on for many years. 

Tazeen Ahmad investigates why British Pakistani men are over represented in convictions for this pattern of crime, and hears from some quarters of the Pakistani community in the UK that say enough is enough, and that now is the time for decisive action on the issue. 

She meets victims of grooming and their parents whose lives have been torn apart, in an attempt to understand how girls as young as 12 have been targeted by these gangs, and then so terrorised and brainwashed that they keep the secret of their ordeal hidden for years. 

In a particularly shocking encounter she talks to two young Pakistani men who explain in detail how grooming by gangs is perpetrated, why virgins are more highly prized, and how the commerce of this type of brutal exploitation unfolds.  

Analysing in detail recent cases in Derby and Rotherham, Tazeen meets police, charities and the father of two men convicted of these crimes, who speaks for the first time ever on camera.

She also attends a sex education workshop run by a forward thinking Imam, who has very forthright views on the issue.    

This film asks if there are cultural, social or religious contributory factors;  how the Pakistani community feel about it; how it is  being exploited by the far right; how can it be policed; and what can be changed to protect young people from Britain’s Sex Gangs.

Extract from:

Read an interview with Alyas Karmanithe director of STREET (Strategy to Reach Educate and Empower Teenagers) UK Ltd, a counselor and an Imam here


2 thoughts on “British sex gangs documentry on tonight

  1. Anonymous

    I think this programme was a real eye opener! This issue is absolutely disgusting and the comments from the pakistani men were unbelievable! as was the interview with the father of the two men convicted of rape – blaming the girls themselves and the parents for how they have bought them up! it absolutely disgusts me that he can blame them or their parents but pass no judgement on himself or his children who commited the crime! The comments from the group of young lads was also disgusting (allbeit not all of them) blaming how they dress and saying they ‘ask for it’ as if its an excuse to gang rape a young girl!! This issue needs to be sorted and harsh punishments should be given to people who commit such a crime not just a slap on the wrist! I get that this sort of thing is difficult to actually get an arrest etc but surely they cant just get away with things like this and carry on!
    This documentry should be shown to all school children to highlight the real problems that are out there and that this could happen to anyone. They need to be aware of people like this and how they operate.

  2. monty

    This was a very important documentary and long overdue. In fact, it’s doubtful that the programme would have been made at all were it not for the relatively high profile publicity interventions of the EDL and BNP. So we have a situation where Far Right parties have become the conscience of the British nation on this issue. What kind of country are we living in where the so-called bully boys of the Far Right lead the moral crusade against the sexual violation of young girls? Our main political parties and local police forces are a disgrace for not intervening at a much earlier stage and allowing this repulsive behaviour to become almost commonplace in certain urban areas of Britain. Yes, the issue is clearly a racial and cultural one. We have a generation(s) of Pakistani muslim men who think its socially/morally acceptable to rape white girls as young as 11. Many older Pakistani muslims have probably been turning a blind to what is going on for fear of reprisals from these gangs, or because the victims are not from their own community. We could be reaching a stage here where white vigilante groups may begin to fill the vacuum left by inactive police, inactive politicians and inactive decent muslims. Zero tolerance for these hateful crimes needs to be established in these cities, and that means decent muslims turning over criminal muslims to the police. It will be interesting to see if this ever happens.

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