Exciting New Human Trafficking Infographic!

We love We Are Chapter One‘s new infographic!

A group of creative communicators on issues of social injustice – We Are Chapter One – have just released an exciting new infographic and video that focuses on human trafficking. The aim is to raise awareness that human trafficking takes place in every community – right on our doorsteps.

We Are Chapter One state: “We may not have the answers, but [we want] to educate and equip ourselves and others to actively oppose human trafficking, particularly ahead of the London 2012 Olympics”.

Click on the infographic below to visit the We Are Chapter One website and watch their ‘What is Human Trafficking’ video.


7 thoughts on “Exciting New Human Trafficking Infographic!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m confused. The graphic says 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders annually, and right next to it, that 1,2M children are being trafficked annuallly? Also, the “50% of Traffic victims are >16” notion is translated to “victims are [larger than]16”.

    1. Hi there,

      In regards to the figures, I think this is because many people are trafficked within borders, it doesn’t have to be accross international borders to constitute trafficking.

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Len Matthews

    This woould be really sensatonal as a poster one could download and print for display. I tried and it is fuzzy and unclear. Can you produce this as a poster an dplace on your website for folk to download and print.

  3. Jillian Mourning

    This would be awesome to have like he said in a publisher file or something to show at events. I run a human trafficking non profit and would love to use this or some of it. Thank you!

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