Chocolate Industry Admit: “we must do more”…

The chocolate industry has responded to  The 10 Campaign by admitting that it “must do more” to reduce child labour and trafficking in its cocoa supply chains.

Talking to Max Foster on CNN, Joanna Scott, from the Global Issues Group – a coalition of chocolate and cocoa companies- confessed that “we have to accelerate action”. Speaking frankly she said, “the progress isn’t enough, that’s why we’ve joined force with other partners to this new framework of action”.

After 10 years of empty promises, the chocolate industry have set a new framework for change. Ms Scott revealed that the industry’s new target is a 70% reduction in abuses by 2020. Speaking on behalf of the global chocolate industry, she asserted, “we are 100% committed to this solution”. Importantly, Ms. Scott also ackowledged the necessity of introducing  third-party auditing of industry processes. Let us hope that the industry’s latest promises have more sticking power than those of 10 years ago! Sign our petition to hold them to their word and get governments to introduce legislation to make them change their practices!

For more information about The 10 Campaign, to sign our petition and to ‘TAKE ACTION’ visit our website.

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