A smokey sweet global news round



Activists in Africa are upset about the government’s decision to promote tobacco production but not just because smoking is predicted to be the leading cause of deaths worldwide by 2030 killing 8 million people a year. Tanzania has already seen an increase in trafficking onto tobacco plantations so if there is an increased demand for and production of tobacco due to the government’s promotions, there will almost certainly be an increase in human trafficking for forced labour on the tobacco plantations. Read more…



Two women in Brainerd, Illinois, USA wanted to be crime fighters as children and now that they are grown still want to help fight crime, just not in the traditional way. The women who share a passion for baking have a sweet dream to open a cupcake shop which will not only bring cheer to patrons but also raise awareness about human trafficking and help fundraise for victim care. Read more…


For more about how people are using cupcakes to raise awareness about human trafficking, check out STOP THE TRAFFIK Bristol’s cupcake campaign!


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